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How to Connect Laptop to TV using HDMI – Easy & Fun

This video shows how to connect Laptop to HDMI TV which supports HDMI 1080p and VGA. See me connect the Toshiba Satellite C55D-A5120 Laptop up to my 37″ Vizio Wide Screen LCD TV. My Laptop is running Windows 8 so you can see how to connect Laptop to TV using HDMI Windows 8 & Windows 8.1. Even though I’m using a laptop with Windows 8.1 you can still see how to connect a laptop up to a Wide Screen television using a Windows 7 laptop or Windows 10 laptop to TV. Any computer to TV HDMI can be…

20 Comments on How to Connect Laptop to TV using HDMI – Easy & Fun

  1. Lmao I'm being dead ass serious rn I've bought razor products never have I been so hype so when I saw this shit work for a buddy of mine thank u

  2. Sir my laptop display doesn't, working so can I use TV display for using laptop tell me by hdmi

  3. Is this application used only for a t.v. that isn't a smart t.v.? I have a smart t.v. Do I need to hook up an HDMI cable from the laptop to the smart TV? Or, will just hardwiring an Ethernet cable from the laptop to router suffice? Or, do I need to do both?

  4. It worked ,???????????????????????????????????????? I'm watchin south park

  5. Loved the simple instructions!!!

  6. It says couldn't connect on my pc
    Please help
    Grt video though

  7. But can you close the laptop?

  8. My TV has no HDMI. Only RGB

  9. Sooooo intellegent wooooow

  10. Thanks for the tutorial! I play my pc games so much more now that I can have my laptop charging while enjoying it on the big screen!

  11. I’m using like this because my laptop screen is dimmed

  12. well, my laptop's screen is not working, when it stopped(because of a fall), i could still hear the song i was listening to, but i could not see anything except black.
    if i connect it through hdmi, is it going to work? :T

  13. Can i turn off the the laptop to to tv without taking out the hdmi cable?

  14. My Samsung led tv sometimes recognized sometimes not I confused ????

  15. Your spook helpful thanks

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