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How to Connect PS3 Controller to PC (No Motioninjoy) – (TUTORIAL)

How to easily connect and use a PS3 Controller on a Windows PC computer with SCP DS3, without Motioninjoy.

**UPDATE** – All the links you need for the video are below, but some have reported some of the links not working all the time, so here is a link to download all the files you need in one zip folder. Download button is in the top right corner of the google drive page. Unzip it and follow the tutorial:


43 Comments on How to Connect PS3 Controller to PC (No Motioninjoy) – (TUTORIAL)

  1. Hi thanks! How do you solve USB not recognized?

  2. Thanks for that tutorial. Helped a lot 🙂 Your voice is very nice as well :p

  3. I click SCPDriver and open it up, but then nothing happens

  4. Hello, every time I click "list all devices" under options, it closes zadig

  5. I'm just here to express my gratitude for how easy to follow this tutorial is and how thorough you are when going through everything. Thank you so much! This has helped me twice now and I can't thank you enough, enabled me to play lots of more games because of this.

  6. The problem i have is, i cannot pair my ds3 with my ps3 back. It wont turn on on it's own but if i connect it via usb, it gives me a slow blink

  7. if your computer doesn't have the first 4 programs preinstalled then bobs your niece.

  8. thx man this helped alot

  9. This was amazing and such a good how to video. Only thing I had an issue with is that while it is reading in the application, I don't see the controller at all in my devices and I'm not sure why. I am about to test it out in my game but idk.

  10. scp ds3 service didnt appear in install summary help shows disconnected



  12. shit aint working at all!

  13. Works PERFECTLY tysm!

  14. Dude u went from 0 to 100 like a bob ross painting in 5 seconds… wtf?

  15. anyone else have the problem where the buttons on the controller are also mapped to keys on the keyboard?

  16. The SCP DS3 Monitor window no-longer opens when I click on the "ScpMonitor" application file, Windows 10 here.
    I get a notification type thing on my bottom right corner but my notification list is empty. It says when it pops up "SCP DS3 Monitor '(Sever Connected)' ScpMonitor"

  17. SCP has some shitty ass bug where the controller would spaz out into the top-left corner of the monitor, and there is not actual fix for that crap..

  18. congratulations to 5k subs 😀

  19. Super helpful and easy to follow thank you mate.

  20. thanks man i work for my duel shock and sixaxis controler both work just fin

  21. Excellent. You can have my firstborne

  22. The Host Address Is always Disconnected
    The Controls Only Work Though Steam Games ): But At Least It Worked

  23. Only problem I have is that when I run the scpmonitor nothing happens, I even ran it in administrator and nothing but worked fine other than that.

  24. instructions clear, didn't end up throwing controller out of the window

  25. what can i use instead of winrar

  26. Very clear tutorial, thank you! 🙂 How do I go about mapping the keys?


  28. instructions not clear enough. put dongle in usb port….. hosptial visit

  29. Thank you so much. It works. Great tutorial!

  30. how to fix bth 00000000 none after showing reserved but the ps3 controller paired but not working

  31. SO, first of all, thank you so much for making this video! I use Windows 10 and I ran through this download 3 times because the Monitor was not detecting or recognizing my controller at all, even after restarting. But, I FINALLY got it to work! For those of you having a similar issue, one of these might be the solution! My first mistake was, I accidentally moved the "Scarlet.Crush Productions" folder under "Windows C" instead of under "Windows C – Program Files" but after correcting that, it still wasn't recognizing. I then on a whim clicked "ScpServer" (NOT "ScpService") and checked the first box then BOOM! it installed my controller and was then discover-able within the monitor and is now fully functional!

  32. is any of this a virus?

  33. This is the perfect program to use… Manners and respect… Thank you very much

  34. How come all the buttons are for xbox I have the ps3 controller and I don't want it to say the Xbox stuff I want it to say the PS3 Keybinds

  35. u are a god thank u so mutch

  36. This worked for me but when i turned off my pc and came back to it the next day, it didn't work

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