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How to control live tiles in Windows 8 – Pureinfotech Tutorials
This video tutorial will show you:
– how remove live tiles from the Start screen
– how to uninstall a Windows Store app
– how to make a tile smaller or lager
– turn live tile on or off
– how relocate a live tile

6 Comments on How to control live tiles in Windows 8 – Pureinfotech Tutorials

  1. i seem to have set one specific photo as the app tile so it dosnt scroll through all of my pictures is there a way to make it do this again?

  2. Hi,
    Can i delete that "store" tile/app? I don't want any advertisement shit on my screen.
    And if I click that music tile, am I forced to use Windows Media Player or can I use alternatives that I have downloaded on the internet (like VLC player).

    ps: I haven't bought windows 8, just asking some question.

  3. hi, when I right click my Word 2010 Icon, it doesn't respond with the same menu. I was wondering how to make it larger now?

  4. If you uninstall an app just go back to the Windows Store do a search and install it back.

  5. Just go to the Windows Store and do a search for the photo app and reinstall. Also from the Windows store you can right-click anywhere, then click Your Apps and the app you uninstalled should be listed there, select it and click Install.


  6. i have uninstalled photos and cant get it back? how do i get it back? 🙁

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