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50 Comments on How To Crack account password using CMD

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  4. It keeps saying access denied every time I try to change the password

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  9. sigh why would this work if it's coming from someone who doesn't know how to spell "friends"

  10. If someone actually did this I'm gonna laugh so hard

  11. works this for instagram?

  12. Ты восхитителен!

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  15. all these are scams the only way to hack facebook is by using PHISHING ATTACK…I had a video tutorial on phishing but YouTube removed it

  16. Having trouble typing? ????

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  19. Did it work say me plz

  20. Does it Works for roblox passwords too

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  22. Your not even a hacker u are a noobi

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  24. can u hack gmail a/c….??? it's my a/c some one hack my a/c and change evry thing….how to get back ????

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  26. Can i hack Roblox account?

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  30. You guys are abdolutetly full of shit it doednt work even samax wtv

  31. How to hack instagram account without changing its password? Helppp

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  34. now do a video where i can change it back to its original password

  35. vai sab khush to try ki but iski bad me my yahoo.mailo me jakar password dala but o to pehli jesi wese hi…
    kiya karo Brother plz Help me My Account === ap try karke deko vai…Ap ka jawab Ka intejar Me Rahunga…….!

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  37. hello vikrant can you recover my id named

  38. Let's get this straight. You cannot hack anything with cmd (most of the time). This is to change a computer password, not crack it, and you can only change computer passwords, not Instagram, twitter, snapchat, or facebook passwords. If you want to do that, you are at the wrong channel.

  39. Where can i Get file net user?

  40. pliz help me to hack my old account

  41. i cant see anything..

  42. hacked 5 persons so far 🙂

  43. This works!! ❤️❤️

  44. i want to hack gmail account…somebudy help..

  45. dosent work ur retarded

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