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How to Create a Recovery Partition in Windows 8

In this video tutorial we will show you how to create a recovery partition in Windows 8.

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Learn how to create disk partitions for system recovery in Windows 8.

In order to create a recovery partition in Windows 8, you will need to right click…

16 Comments on How to Create a Recovery Partition in Windows 8

  1. Don't waste your time watching this. At the command line prompt type recimg /createimage R: (R being an example of drive letter where your recovery image will be written to). BTW, open the DOS promptt as Administrator

  2. This is not a video on how to create a Recovery Partition.  It is how to make a partition and name it "recovery".  Lame.

  3. i was downloading and installing this Recovery Software. When the SW Update just finished downloading, Installation is on process. During installation a message pop on my screen saying " Recovery partition does not exist, installation cancelled". So I tried this video tutorial to help me out in my problem but shrinking my memory just didn't helped me out. hope you have something to suggest, this is still related to my problem "the change of HDD memory". hope you could help me out.

  4. need some help here, when my pc was brought to a shop for repair the hdd memory was changed, along with my battery and when i tried to reset my pc it just can't, it says "insert a media", i don't know what media file does it need. need some help because,some of my function keys don't work anymore. hope you could help.

  5. Simple and short. Superb !

  6. This tutorial is how to create a partition! Dislike

  7. Thanks Dirk your input has helped me big time 🙂

  8. Try this:

    1) Do what he said in the video
    2) Go to control panel
    3) click on "Windows 7 File Recovery"
    4) Choose "Create a System Image"
    5) Make an image on the drive that you created using his video.
    * Make sure that you create a "Recovery Disk" as well (also under Windows 7 Recovery)

    To recover, boot from the Recovery Disk, choose to restore from an image, direct it to the image on the partition that you made.

  9. waiting for an answer also

  10. Create simple volume and name it "HALF-WIT", this will remind you what ppl think watching this video.

  11. Hello, we already have it: (delete gaps) 8wPyKTCLV04

  12. dude make a tutorial about how to extend volume

  13. I know, what's the next step? I have a partition but it's empty! How do I create recovery media to restore from if I have a problem?

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