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How to disable the touch screen on a Windows 8 computer

Micro Center Tech Support shows you how to disable the touch screen on a Windows 8 computer.

32 Comments on How to disable the touch screen on a Windows 8 computer

  1. how if 1 only HID-compliant device?


  3. thank you bro.. my screen laptop get crash shitt! just want way to resolve it disable touch screen effect haha

  4. my screen cracked and I cant find the drive for disable touchscreen, my notebook ia toshiba satellite p845t-s4305, I need help!

  5. Thank you so much for this video

  6. Omg, i JUST cracked my computer and its going glitching and acting weird. Thank you, You just saved beloved computer.

  7. How can you rotate the screen on the acer aspire 5600u?

  8. Thank you so much for your explanation. It was awesome!

  9. Worked perfect! Thanks

  10. thx even tough mine is windows 7 or something but it said the same thing but touchscreen and i cracked my screen and it messed everything up

  11. Thanks a Tun This Was Screwing Uo My Skyrim Game and Making it Crash….
    Now i Can Finally Play My Game in Peace.

  12. thanks ssssssssssssssssssss this worksss

  13. thank you so much i never even wanted a toch on the screan 😉

  14. Why couldn't they just name the thing touch screen? I really think they are trying to make it harder for people with learning disabilities to use their devices.

  15. thank you very mutch friend

  16. I also have a cracked screen. The mouse pointer moves all the time & I am unable to even get to the "Device manager".
    Is it possible to disable it from the BIOS before the windows starts?

  17. thankyou so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. thank you so much bro..its working

  19. That guy looks like he uses a Razer Naga regularly.

  20. can you told me that how to enable touch screen in x60 tablet?

  21. Thank you so much! I was having trouble as my screen was doing things on it's own and this fixed it! Thank you!

  22. Finally thank you so much!!! I broke my computer screen and every time I went on it my mouse went crazy. This video helped a lot. Thanks Again

  23. Thanks a lot! it worked

  24. THANK YOU!! My touch screen kept clicking itself the same place! So annoying! I never uses the touch anyway

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