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How to Download and Install NetBeans IDE on Windows 8 / Windows 10

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35 Comments on How to Download and Install NetBeans IDE on Windows 8 / Windows 10

  1. New project is not opening plz give solution to open new project

  2. Thank you brother for this video

  3. I hope this is safe because i disable my anti virus

  4. i have installed netbeans but its setting need to be change sir ,will you help me.

  5. Sharing my experience that i just get genuine windows 10 key from site Vanskeys . com Windows is works great.

  6. Project is not opening in net beans when I click button.. Why?

  7. Jdk file was not found even when I already installed it

  8. When I'm clicking on new project, no action is there. What to do? I have installed jdk9

  9. If You Getting This Error "Java se development kit was not found". Then Uninstall the latest version May Be Its JDK 10 Which You Installed On Your PC. And Install The JDK 8( Java SE Development Kit 8u171) with Netbeans 8.2.

  10. When I click on the Netbeans exe like you did it says "Java SE development Kit (JDK) was not found on your computer"
    So that means that I don't have Java installed yet even though I do have it installed…
    Any help?

  11. When i click on new project it doest work plz give me ans.

  12. why i cant do new project plz help tf

  13. I just activate my windows 10 from use a key. after i used my windows works properly.

  14. Java development kit not found
    I think there is some problem with jdk 10 and NetBeans 8.2
    This doesn't work after using -javahome also.
    Go to and download NetBeans with jdk 8. It works perfectly fine

  15. All thing is perfect…but after clicking on new project on the menu bar , nothing appears.. problem persist even after restarting the IDE….plz help sir….I will be obliged to you…

  16. my netbeams is not working. I was opened new projects but it is not working sir please help me as soon as possible .

  17. thank you sir.☺

  18. Tysm..your video helped me alot tysm

  19. I have 32 bit operating system and 64 -based processed which one should I download

  20. I installed correctly as u said but it won't create any new project

  21. sir , exe file is not running on my laptop(windows 10).It sends the msg that this app will harm your pc plzz tell me what to do??

  22. sir, if i click on newproject it is opening any window and no response

  23. I have downloaded jdk and even installed it successfully but after downloading net beans my laptop shows "Installer file net beans-8.2-windows.exe seems to be corrupted "

  24. my problem was
    ""the site cannot be reached""
    how can i solve this problem
    plzz tell me sir!!!!!!!!!!

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  26. На английском понятнее, чем на русском

  27. Please help I have already downloaded java and netbeans but I can't make a new project it shows error "Project Folder already exists and is not empty" I tried to make a different project name but still shows the same…please help

  28. I really enjoyed tis video….it's very helpful for me thanq u

  29. When I click on the new project then not is happening plz guide me

  30. I like your video tutorial sir

  31. How to download code book please tell me sir please

  32. Really Thanks for detailed description <3

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