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how to download and install THC Hydra windows 7/8/10

download THC Hydra:
download rockyou:

ths is Link For TakeOwnership

TakeOwnership is batch-based program that brings you super user rights on 1 folder

Here is my facebook site:

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44 Comments on how to download and install THC Hydra windows 7/8/10

  1. تم بہت کمینے اور حرامی ہو تمھاری ماں کی ناجائز اولاد ہو میں گدھے کمینے کتے بے غیرت

  2. you're such a dump..

  3. What the hell you trying to do.? 😀

  4. I can't understand anything, I can't see the arrow and it looks like the video is doing like the flash

  5. nice work bro thx for the HEIP

  6. You can do it billy move your command prompt to the C drive I believe in you 😀
    Billy: Stress Intensifies COPY & PASTE

  7. he doesn't even know how to do it

  8. how 2 take ownership bro

  9. thx, i finally set up my hydra

  10. Do i need to disable my anti virus for the installation

  11. sbelle video je n'arrive pas a telecharger TakeOwnership pouvez vous m'aidez svp

  12. xDDDDDDD 4:20 Search System32? xD
    Like for funny^^

  13. 1 word is all i have for you. you're a fucking dumbass

  14. are u a gre hat hacker?

  15. It's saying error couldn't resolve address smtp. Hotmail. Com? Anyone can help?

  16. i just wasted 3 min of my life

  17. ti si Slovenc ane?

  18. friend when you make take ownership in system32 i show that cmd window can be closed if you are running

  19. Hey there, i am very new to this, but interested in learning how to get around things, i am stuck.. on how to use these.. i downloaded them.. but not sure if i have done it properly

  20. This is nothing amazing that he us showing us you just have to start looking sht up on the web

    Also this shoukd be on kali Linux if anyone is intrested in it

  21. Great tuto, but your shit of rockyou is a fucking coingrinder, so I didnt download it, ever if you really want to use is, you don't need the cmd, juste instale tha motherfucking programe lmao, but yeaaa have a good speending of cash boi

  22. You are dumb as hell. DISLIKE

  23. not working as download

  24. when i do take ownership it closes cmd. can u help?#

  25. does this work at least?

  26. omg bro… ctrl+c, ctrl+v…

  27. hahahah preklici
    slovenac neki

  28. Step 1: Mute the video.

  29. Music is really shit

  30. irritating background music

  31. you know its a shitty video when you hear dubstep music at background

  32. annoying tutorial 🙂

  33. Opens <run> to open System32. Then scrolls all the way to cmd.exe completely ignoring the <search> bar. Well done

  34. It was an honour to watch a true master at work |;)

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