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How to Download and Install Visual Studio 2013 Express on Windows 8

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34 Comments on How to Download and Install Visual Studio 2013 Express on Windows 8

  1. vezi sa nu te doara

  2. dau cu scame in tine

  3. te doare-n gat de pula mea ma?

  4. sa iti iau gura in pula

  5. Hi Sir, Thank you for your Videos. You really are helping us get into Coding. Can I request a video for MS ACCESS. Inserting Images and Retrieving it from MS ACCESS Database. Thank you very mush again Sir.

  6. Please show us how to install visual basic 2013 on Windows 10 and please tell us which program are needed to install this can you send us a screenshot of the program and uninstall program menu from control panel

  7. How to open the application ? Where will it be stored?

  8. If you need genuine product key can go to to get one, works great.

  9. please provide the link to download visual basic 2013..

  10. Thank you for the tutorial.

  11. how can i get visual studio 2013..bcoz now on the microsoft website there no any downloading link for it ..and only showing 2015..pls somebody help me.

  12. Hello sir, i am so sorry for asking you question that is irrelevant to this Topic. I realized you re running Windows on Ubuntu via virtual Machine. since the introduction of Windows10, I couldn't dual boot my computer anymore. UEFI making this complex. I thought of using Virtual Machine just like you but I am afraid of such decision may slow my computer performance. For example on my Windows i have: Visual studio, Eclipse, Netbeans, Dream Weaver,MySQL/BenchWork, MS-SQL2014, Photo shop, KNIME(for data Science) which quite heavy load applications. My Laptop spec is : 500 GB HDD, 8GB RAM, 2,4 GHZ Processor HP intel Core i5. Give Me advice please. i am so much missing my Ubuntu. Can my virtual machine work fine with these Applications ?

  13. can someone give me a link to a zip file download please. I can't download straight onto my PC I have to send it from my tablet.

  14. Hello sir can u help me? i want to crack this program?

  15. Thank you for teching us all this amazing art for free.
    please let me know if any portal or institute is conductung free exams for the same.
    btw you are doing amazing job.

  16. how to connect c# with mysql and download mysql?

  17. you can reinstall windows 10 and you don't need a key ,I had windows 7 genuine and upgraded to windows 10 for free %%%%

  18. how to download the visual studio in window 8 bcoz i dont know plss answer me

  19. I installed VS 2013 ,i want to work with MVC but did't get  that web package help me to install MVC

  20. ok it seems i need to reinstall win

  21. how much time it takes to be installed??
    visual studio express 2013 for windows 8 windows desktop

  22. My installation was complete but got stuck on last screen saying, "Configuring your system. This might take a while", it has been on that screen since one day now.., can you please suggest something?

  23. i have 2 combo box,

    and my data base is just like this, two column.

    sony | cd
    sony | dvd
    Mmore | dvd
    panasonic | tape
    panasonic | cd

    If i auto complete my first combo box with brand ( sony , mmore, panasonic etc …) the next box suggest what product this brand have.

    ex: if i select sony in my first combo box the second combo box only show cd and dvd as suggestion
    if i select mmore as brand the second combo box give dvd as suggestion.

    My data base is too big. so i don't think "if, else" statement is ok for it.

    Pls help me.

  24. My download got error

  25. Flavors, Yes that is how to explain it

  26. when ever I download visual studio 2013 for desktop I get an error that shows this

     "Microsoft Nuget- Visual studio for windows desktop 
    package faied

    I have tried many times to uninstall and reinstall and repair but still the same thing happens please help

  27. Next time .Less talk ur accent is fucked up.

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