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How to Download the Minecraft Wurst Hack Client. (Windows 10)

I hope this video helps you guys to download this Hack Client!
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29 Comments on How to Download the Minecraft Wurst Hack Client. (Windows 10)

  1. This whole video is faked now, or for me at least. NONE of this works for me because when I follow the exact steps they say, something is different and it makes me not have a file that he needed to install it so he's a liar.

  2. you are really bad at lying and the fact that you have windows 10 on the title makes it worse in the fact that it is java

  3. instead i get wurst i can get vape lite

  4. +rep still good in 2019

  5. You are lie this is not work

  6. 4:17 i have all download and in appdata in my is no minecraft

  7. Kid's LOL     me too.

  8. this isnt minecraft win 10 Dump kid!!!

  9. That is not Windows 10

  10. “it’s good for pvp”

  11. Yay we are learns how to spell W-U—U-U-R-S-T

  12. Does this work for Minecraft windows 10 edition from windows store ?

  13. Dumb ass this isnt windows 10

  14. Thx for the ViRuS

  15. 100000000000000000000000 hrs later

  16. I search up how to install wurst on windows 10 and this shit comes up and it is not even minecraft windows 10 edition.

  17. It wont work for windows ten

  18. Het werkt niet bij mij ????

  19. stop saying RUST FOR GODS SAKE

  20. how do you manage to pronounce wurst as rust.


  22. My Thing Shows With App Do YOu Want to Open THis with

  23. can you do a hack video for dell users btw dell sucks


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