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How to draw Anime on Windows 7 MS Paint Part 1 (Outline)

hi everyone im back with a new video and this time it’s a tutorial ^^
so i hope it helps!
if you have any question please ask and i will try to answer (if you like this video please rate)
btw, if you find any mistake please send me a message and i will try to fix it ^.^

20 Comments on How to draw Anime on Windows 7 MS Paint Part 1 (Outline)

  1. can anyone tell me the song at 2:39? I heard it in MMDs before but I don't know it

  2. WOW!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! ( ^o^)/~~~

  3. For me… Whenever I use properties, and make black and white, the whole thing becomes black

    What happened?

  4. I guess i'll draw easy Oc's of mine next time -_-

  5. didn't work, now i hate you :(

  6. thank you so much for this! My major art assessment is due soon and I cant afford Photoshop ;-; much love

  7. do you have a fire wall to protect your windows seven becuz of the worms that makes ur computer sick and you can never use it again so watch out for worms

  8. Hey, love the video! Any chance you could check mine out and see if I missed out anything important? I did it from my experience I had with paint but seeing this I thought you might have some techniques I could know :3

  9. Idk how to draw anime ;-;

  10. When went to remove the background the lines got messed up they look dotted 

  11. 'It will look very beautiful in the end'
    Lol, amazing tutorial though

  12. I did it exactly the way it got explained and the sketch got removed but there are only small pixels where I drew the outlines. So, there are no lines how I drew them, just some 1×1 small pixels which are really far away and you can't see what I drew. I hope you know how I mean it and I could send you a link but please help D:


  14. Thank you this helped alot!

  15. Oh my god you helped me soo much :3

  16. Please do a tutorial on NOT anime people. Anime MONSTERS is where I wanna be drawing. I see you did Amy the Hedgehog, so, how about it? Also, I have a scan I wanna draw.

  17. Thank you for awesome tut! This really helped me with my art assessment and I always refer back to tis tut, whenever I draw digitally! Thank you! ^u^)/

    P.S. Will credit you :)

  18. So helpful thx ;p

  19. +Kaeli Maglaya Using a scanner or printer that allows scanning ^.^

  20. aah thanks so much this really helped me X3

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