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How to dual boot Windows and Ubuntu 16.04

A beginner-friendly dual boot tutorial for Windows and Ubuntu 16.04
Please read the description FULLY before commenting!
Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any data you may lose (or any unexpected computer explosions) while you are dual booting. Backups are your friend.
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41 Comments on How to dual boot Windows and Ubuntu 16.04

  1. Hi little Microsoft fan.

  2. Wow you made it very simple.. thanks alot… It was very useful

  3. During the selection of installation type I am not given choice to install ubuntu alongside with Windows

  4. what a guy nice vid

  5. Hi I need ur help

  6. Can we increase partition after installing ubuntu?

  7. I want to run endless with windows 10. But the dual boot option doesnt show up at start. Anyways i Love ur voice.

  8. Do you know anything about the server version of ubuntu 16.04? I can't figure out how to share the HD with Windows XP, the option to share that you show in this tutorial is not available.

  9. hey . i followed this video.. but i dont get the option of booting into ubuntu after i restart . i created
    the bootable USB stick , but still dont know why it doesnt work.. any suggestions ??

  10. After partitioning, I ran Ubuntu 17.10 setup but I didn't see any 'free space' while choosing the partition. Instead, I see 'unusable' and it wouldn't install Ubuntu. What do I do?

  11. Hey, I have done partition in E drive, whereas my windows resides in C…. I basically have 3 primary partitions C, D, E in windows.. while installing I didn't get any option like "install alongside windows", so I did select "something else" which should take me to manual partitioning in linux, but I didn't find any "free space" there, instead it has "unusable space" what do i do now..where should I install linux now??? please help

  12. Thanks a lot.. you've been a great help..

  13. Just dual booted my laptop with Ubuntu. But whenever I boot into Windows 10 using Ubuntu GRUB, whole screen turns pinkish (Windows logo disappears but spinning dot remains) and then leaves me at my Login window. How can I bring Windows logo back?

  14. how can you do it on another hard drive? i installed win7 on my hdd and win 10 on my ssd. when i enter the bios, and under uefi hard disks there is only ssd showing up…i cant boot my pc from hdd and i dont have that boot menu. it's on my old pc, but i cant find it on this newer pc….

  15. I have done all the steps but in the final step when restarting i took off the usb. Now it boots automatically with windows and I cant find how to boot with ubuntu. Can anyone help me please?

  16. Do i need to insert usb everytime while starting my pc?

  17. thanks for the tutorial . very useful . I am using cloud server rented from

  18. I'm 19 years old this kid walked me through this so damn good appreciate the help I was having a panic attack respect m8

  19. my pc shows 0% fragmented..what to do? Windows 10 (32 bit)

  20. When I restart it goes back to windows using Windows 8.1

  21. Windows not booting!!!!!! I followed all the step in the video Ubuntu gets booted but when I boot windows a purple screen comes and nothing happens. Please help me guys

  22. That is a very well made in-depth video… Thank you, it was most helpful… 🙂

  23. your voice is cute 😛

  24. those who dont know that 1gb has 1024 mb shoud skip linux

  25. good… i follow you and make it done. Thank you!

  26. hey,

    """The installer has detected that the following disks have mounted partitions:

    Do you want the installer to try and unmount the partitions on these disks
    before continuing? If you leave them mounted, you will not be able to create,
    delete, or resize partitions on these disks, but you may be able to install
    to existing partitions there."""

    this is the message i get during the installation.if i proceed i dont get to install alongside windows option. how to solve this ??
    please help

  27. the link u provided isnt working

  28. Thanks, pretty well informed video.

  29. have done exactly the same and it's successful, thanks a lot

  30. and dropped the hard disk

  31. and also so he wiped the hard disk so that's why you cant go into windows because Ubuntu is the only os with a bootloader

  32. it's a virtual machine he doesn't want to destroy his computer

  33. Q: What is your gender? How old are you?
    A: I don’t know.
    so funny

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