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How to enable old start menu in windows 8.1

Toturial : How to enable old start menu in windows 8.1
Download link :
Download old start menu in windows 8.1

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Enable and change Windows 8 start menu to old original
Classic Windows 7 start menu
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33 Comments on How to enable old start menu in windows 8.1

  1. windows screwed up with that whole start screen crap

  2. Thank You very much .!!!!

  3. 2 words: classic shell. and you don't need to use to get to it ( is what I call

  4. link not available


  6. How to enable old start menu in windows 8.1 ??????

    More like >How to DOWNLOAD<


  8. what will happen if i delete the program

  9. How do you disable that start menu and get the original start menu without uninstalling the application??

  10. Very useful to me.appriciate really.thanks for ALLatONES

  11. Thank you bro like <3

  12. Is it possible. Just in case. To undo all of this, as if it never happened,
    Only asking because i want to be sure.

  13. dude !!!! thx

  14. thank you very much !

  15. +ALLatONE  im having problem with mediafire download it cant fully download

  16. Thanks, it works. 🙂

  17. Thanks man worked great

  18. We can change it back to normal right?

  19. I just spoke with a rep from Dell about windows 8.1.  I was told that it's already built in and you can switch to the classic start menu/windows 7 view, but simply clicking the windows button on the keyboard.

  20. Oh My God Thank you <3 but i have One Question can i uninstall it after that?

  21. THANKS BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. THANK YOU a program messed up the windows 8 start menu and it didn't show any files but this atcually worked!

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