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How To Find BitLocker recovery key | Windows 10 Recovery Key

If your hard disk is encrypted it will ask for recovery key. This video will show you how to backup and use the key .

Please note this is one of the method to recover. We cant guareentee that it works for everyone. We have shown what worked for us.

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43 Comments on How To Find BitLocker recovery key | Windows 10 Recovery Key

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  2. what if you don't have access to desktop and you only cmd center open on your desktop?

  3. when i press F2 i can't get anything to happen it still goes right to bitlocker code

  4. for new update window 10 the keyword to search for recovery key is a little different, I don't remember the exact words. it a kind of bitlocker key or something like that. I thank you very much for you guiding to my recovery successfully.

  5. dear friend. it does not work on my dell. why?

  6. I need your number bro I have a problem

  7. No me funciono, lo que hice fue activar el TPM en configuración de sistema y entro despues que se reinicio como tres veces.

  8. Thanks
    This video helped me to solve my problem ❤️

  9. NOT WORKING. i en-checked "Secure boot enable" but after restarting system, blue colored widow reappears asking for bit locker key. Whereas you are showing that after applying "secure boot enable" the window starts working in secure sequence. Let me know if you have the solution.

  10. So what to do with Lenovo laptops running Win 10? I just went to use mine again after sitting for years and now for some reason after updates and a restart, I get the blue lock screen. Cannot get to Windows at all; goes straight from the boot to bitlocker screen. I actually never enabled or used bitlocker at all, so no idea why it's suddenly activated and locking me out. Anyway changing to secure boot does nothing. In fact I've fiddled around with every setting in BIOS I could change by trial and error, but nothing words, just back to blue screen on restart every time. Anyone have a fix/working method for Lenovos?

  11. Stuck in a reset loop and won’t let me reset to factory. Now what

  12. Good info… Keep it up Bro….

  13. my secure boot status was already enabled, so why am i having this problem?

  14. You saved my life. ❤️

  15. How do you do it on hp

  16. Hi friend. Is there a possibility that PC information will be lost?

  17. Hello! I have a friend that is stuck at the Automatic Repair page in a loop and can't get out of it. I've tried various of ways from resetting, restoring to command prompt to get out of it. Mostly it asks for his BitLocker Recovery Key, but he doesn't know his Microsoft account to actually get the key. We already tried disabling Bitlocker since it was encrypting everything, but our access were denied or there's an error (Using only command prompt). We cant get to the original screen

    We tried your method in this video and when I went into the secure boot, the system was already enabled.

  18. Helloooo!! Please help… what if my boot is set to Legacy?? I need it to be UEFI in order to activate Secure Boot. Thank you!!!

  19. Hi ,Will the data be safe if i am trying this.I have my critical projects in my data, nd its asking for bit locker key

  20. Not working for me. Secure Boot was off, enabled then 'Saved & Exited Bios' and was presented with same blue screen.
    Went into Bios' again to check settings and 'Secure Boot' was enabled.

    I need to know how find the 'Recovery Key' using them 'Recovery Key ID' that is presented to me in/on the 'Blue Screen's….

    Panic Mode level ????% on now … TBC… Will hopefully update soon… ????.

    Side note… If you use BitLocker make sure you save the key to one or multiple locations. I.e. secure cloud drives or local USB Sticks/Hard Drives/Home servers/other devices!
    Yet again for me another school boy F**k up and lesson learned!

  21. Forgot my bitlocker password and deleted recovery key. इस there any way to recover my data?

  22. A laptop that got stuck with Bitlocker screen wont start after turning on a secure boot option. bullshit.

  23. it's useless if the computer have a password

  24. Please tell me how to find recovery key for Windows 7. As this options are not there in windows 7 my laptop is locked.☹️ Please help.

  25. I can't able to enable secure boot… It shows that "secure boot flow control. Secure boot is possible only if the system runs in user mode" what should I do now..

  26. 100% does not work for a bitlocker encrypted drive.

  27. Excellent instructions

  28. Its not working ????????????
    I have tried many times

  29. Um nt able to change secure boot option

  30. Why would one search for this if he or she has the drive unlocked??

  31. This video was useless

  32. So after you have to disable secure boot and enter your recovery key and then it will never ask for you bitlocker recovery key again?

  33. Why do you need the recovery key? Like how do you get it
    My pc just ran outta batteries and then I opened it again and asked me for the recovery key

  34. Bro thankyu so much.. This video is very useful.. Thankss????

  35. Already had secure boot but it didn't work help pls

  36. Thank you for this video. It helps solve the problem in my laptop last night. Keep up your good works! ????????

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