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How to find if someone hacked your computer HD

Hey guys 🙂
Since I had some problems with my old channel I am back with new one hehe…
so In this tutorial I will be showing you how to find whether your computer have been hacked or if it has virus… I am not telling you to download anything so trust 🙂
there will be more than one way to check if you have been hacked or no
please enjoy and if you find it helpful subscribe 🙂
Note: If you find a hacker or virus and you don’t know how to take it off and need help, or if you want a…

20 Comments on How to find if someone hacked your computer HD

  1. i just started up my sis old dell xp and they are all established or time_wait..what do i do?? also see if i factory reset my laptop will that get rid of the hackers/viruses or what ever it is??

  2. I didnt come to youtube to read you fucking retard. Use a camera and speak or fuck off on to a text website, asshole.

  3. so I restarted my computer but now it won't turn on. It just loads forever and nothing else. What should I do now? I'm afficially paranoid

  4. This was pretty cool. Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Excellent video…Thanks man….

  6. this hacker is playing with me?!?!! watch what im going this hacker name CHAT and i could not delet it and he/she know what i look like!!! and what im shearching! i was soo scared im using a laptop and i don't know wat the f**k was going on thank for your help though

  7. what if it says theyre all listening?

  8. Great video!… totally need to save it offline for future reference..

  9. Thank you for the info:))

  10. I was hacked a couple months ago but am wanting to check again.I am lost at step 35. I have 14 established and I'm not understanding when I search the IP, what is it I need to look for?

  11. Damn, I'm scared, it says listening and established under state in cmd. :((((((((((((( Fucking creeps

  12. i tried to download adobe photoshop for free but it was a trojan virus and whenever i open my computer it just shows lesbians with strap-ons fucking each other even when i restart the computer and it won't stop its like a gif and keeps replaying help!!!!!

  13. there is this shady company using different names and pretending to be customer service representative. My friend thinks he got hacked they use 1800 294 5907 number, they tell you they are tech support and give a code and they get in your computer without permission. I wish someone would give them a taste of their own medicine! !!! this are shady mother fuckers!

  14. i have to beat this stupid thing please help i don't understand how i can't fix this

  15. i can't take it off the virus i rebooted i ran back up i did anti virus search i deleted files i used control panel i found the virus i can't take it off i did safe mode i look at all the files running i used command prompt i need someone to hack me and take this piece of shit off my computer please i have anxiety and am going insane i decrypted a couple of stuff

  16. can hackers see what you are typing? if i was typing passwords and usernames can they see? and if i was to change my password would they then see the change? ive been hacked several times not to steal money but to be set up and extorted.

  17. It's always funny when people, who have no idea how a PC works, put up videos teaching people (who have less idea) stuff which barely works or even can affect their PC negatively.

  18. What if malwarebytes, avast, AVG, Norton, McAfee, ccleaner, adwcleaner we're all combined?!
    That would be nice, wouldn't it?

  19. 2 pieces of shit tried to hack my YouTube, good thing Google contacted me before they did.

  20. …it will be virus and/or hacker… or nothing dangerous

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