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How to Find Your Computer Model & Serial Number inside of Windows – Windows 10 Tips & Tricks & Hacks

This video shows you how to find your computer model and serial number, within Microsoft Windows. No need to look under underneath or on the back of your computer system. This easy computer hacks gives you your computer model and computer serial number fast. No software downloads. It be free!

Find your laptop model number today without tech support help and without looking it up. See how to know laptop model number even on a an ASUS X551 as you will see in my video. This video also shows…

22 Comments on How to Find Your Computer Model & Serial Number inside of Windows – Windows 10 Tips & Tricks & Hacks

  1. Thanks. Simple but useful.

  2. "To be filled by O.E.M." Help plz

  3. please tell me where save 36 digit machine ID laptop

  4. thank you, …..only thing that worked for me…….. using the command prompt is a great idea. 'How come we can't find it using the windows control panel? I did not have any luck that way using Windows 10 pro

  5. ERROR:

    tried to get my laptop name

  6. very helpful good job

  7. Thank you so much, this was very useful 😀

  8. 10 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  9. Dood You The Best

  10. Thanks much!!!

  11. sir how to change serial number acer laptop E5-575g plz replay

  12. okay, what if the serial number and the name are different from the ones on the back of my laptop. Am I out of luck too? It was not custom made

  13. OK, so I ran the command prompt in admin and when I keyed in "wmic bios get serialnumber"…the response I got was "Serial Number". The words "serial number" were there…but NOT the actual serial number! Same thing happened with the model name as well. What now?

  14. thank you so much it worked for me! now i can find my webcam driver on toshiba website! <3

  15. Hey, it keeps saying this.. I don't really get it

    Description = Invalid namespace"

  16. Why both are pop out To be filled by O.E.M?

  17. mine just says 'hp notebook'

  18. dude! worked great! went to HP support and typed in the ID number and it worked. Thanks!

  19. hi, how to get my computer model if my pc is a customized type? thanks much! ????

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