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How to Fix a Wireless Internet Connection in Windows 8

This video shows common steps for troubleshooting your wireless internet connection in Windows 8.

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48 Comments on How to Fix a Wireless Internet Connection in Windows 8

  1. my network connect drops at the top of every hour – not every 60 minutes – but at the top of the hour. the only thing that seems to repair the problem is a restart of my laptop. but that fix is only temporary because I have to restart my laptop at the top of every hour.

  2. Hi. I followed all the steps on this video but I am still stuck and would really appreciate your help.
    When I try to connect to my Wi-Fi it says "can't connect to this network"
    I have tried running the troubleshooter but it says to just "connect to an available wireless network. You have not chosen to connect to any of the available wireless networks." If it helps my laptop is a hp pavilion 15 notebook with a core i3 processor and Intel hd 4000 and 8 gb of ram.
    Please help. Thanks in advance.

    Oh and I almost forgot I'm in windows 8.1 build 9600

  3. Thanks sooo much your the best

  4. I am conetted to the internet. It just. Not working

  5. Thanks it's working ????????

  6. The modem works just fine considering that other devices work just fine but my laptop keeps loosing the internet
    I tried turning the computer on and off multiple times, I tried the device manager setting it to where it doesn't shut off too lose power yet the internet still drops

  7. Packard bell laptop please help I need to connect to Wi-Fi

  8. my wifi is on and connected devices
    and thanks


  10. Sir, while searching in my PC, wireless devices, no results found is being showed…

  11. But my laptop does not show wifi options

  12. when i type wireless devices nothing shows up please help

  13. but it not showing my wirlees network

  14. I cant connect the laptop. But there's a list of connection. Help me pleasee!!

  15. my laptop has not wifi option.wifi option hide so how to do use wifi network……plez help me

  16. Mine says "off" but i can't turn it back on.

  17. After I recover my whole laptop it's still the same problem just with my apps all deleted

  18. Thank you! Ive been doing somewhat the same things but not exactly the way you said it until i found this 5 min ago and its fixed. Been workin two hours on er. Saving this for future use to guide me. Id restart laptop and unplugged modems from the electrical outlet then network diagnostics, and HP support assistant (first time trying this because im usually good to fix the issue myself). Thanks so much!

  19. My WiFi is like locked on the computer ??

  20. Hiii,help me for wifi connection to my system….

  21. Holy shit thank you very much???? the turn on wreless devices or off worked

  22. you are amazing its i am very happy thank you lot

  23. Me: ok shuts down computer and waddles to the router hey dad I'm jst gonna do this for like 30 seconds
    Dad: it's ur computer that has an issue you don't have to mess with that it works for everything else
    Me: it was the solution i got,, to fix,, my computer,,
    Dad: haha no don't touch that
    Me: ok waddles back to my computer and turns it on tries everything else it still doesn't work well i guess i need a new computer

  24. I can’t even turn my wireless device on help.

  25. Thank you, it's really helpful

  26. Please help me mobile have wifi option but in my laptop I havenot wifi option help me

  27. how do I enable my wifi for HP pavilion dm3 without Ethernet

  28. Thx man i would of nvr got it

  29. i reallly thnks to your chaneel…..i solved my problem…..iam very thnk full to u

  30. thank you so much. your vidieo help me a lot

  31. We couldn't find wireless devices on this pc My PC says this plz help me

  32. mine says Anetwork cable is not properly plugged in or may be broken what should i do plz help me

  33. Thanks so much it worked I subbed

  34. Thanks dude ????

  35. tnks for uploading this type vedio and it's really work

  36. Thanks bro it worked I would have paid 300 bucks to fix so thx

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