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How To Fix Err Connection Timed Out In Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most popular internet browsers, along with Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Opera. However there are many types of errors, which sometimes appears in Google Chrome browser and ‘Err Connection Timed Out’ is one of the most common ones.
This “connection” error will appear on your Google Chrome browser besides the “This webpage is not available” error message.

The hosts file in your Windows system can be the primary reason behind this “connection timed out”…

38 Comments on How To Fix Err Connection Timed Out In Google Chrome

  1. Thank you, it worked ????????

  2. I already try all methods but still doesnt work on me ,need any help

  3. Hello, I am having trouble, when i follow you procedure the process on flush dns i am getting different ping result… i hope you could help me, thank you

  4. omg the cmd lines really helped me, now chrome works fine! Thank you so much! 😀

  5. Funny how you delete host entries which are already with # which means commented hence you didn't change anything.

  6. Selecting Auto detect on Lan Settings worked on a Dell PC running Windows Vista 🙂

  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Weeks and weeks of working through many of those steps, but never in the sequence you ordered. THANK YOU! I can now go to work and access Microsoft 365!

  8. I tried all of this and more , still can't reach one specific website but I can if I use a proxy or a phone with data, im not banned or anything :/

  9. What trully fixed for me:

    Very often the reason of Google Chrome trouble is a bug with Cryptsvc service after Windows Update. Note: if you are not experienced user, it’s better to use the automatic tool, because you can damage system registry if will do steps below not properly. Please write us in comments if you have any questions.

    Exit Google Chrome

    Press Alt+Ctrl+Del and choose Task Manager

    In the opened window choose Services menu, select CryptSvc and then right click and press Stop


    Type regedit in Windows search bar, then find HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftSystemCertificatesRootProtectedRoots


    Right cick on ProtectedRoots, go Permissions, then choose Advanced

    Then choose Enable Inheritance

    If you get “Incorrectly ordered” message, press Reorder, then go to Advanced and note the reordering for later

    If you have “not permission to edit roots” message, make yourself have a Full Controll

    Go to …SystemCertificatesRoot – up one level

    If you see any certificates in right column, just export it

    If you doesn’t see any sertificates (it’s normal) right click Root, then choose Delete – it will rebuild automatically later

    Start CryptSvc from task manager

    Restart Google Chrome

  10. Thank you it worked. WAIT can someone explain how my wifi got to 4.8 KB/s but i can watch utube videos

  11. Hello, I’ve done everything you have said and it still doesn’t work, what could I do?

  12. thank you so much !! it's works 2018 🙂

  13. It’s not working for me

  14. We are already frustrated by the time that we get here which makes the music so much more annoying than usual.

  15. For those who are still having this problem even with Google's DNS resolver, try Cloudflare's (so far, so good, in my case):

    I apply these settings to my router directly to make sure that all my devices benefit from them.

    Good luck! 😀 ♥

  16. These settings shown in the video are not for timeout. All instructions are terrible and those who made them do not understand anything about config lan / internet !

  17. Deleting the cookies and everything from Chrome did it for me! Thanks pal

  18. I found one page that suggested I remove plugins, which I didn't add because it was a fresh install but it helped. One web page still wasn't coming up so I'm still stuck with kludgy edge.


    With that being said, this is actually a good tutorial as a means to attempt correcting this annoying Chrome issue.

  20. Turn off windows firewall. What????????????
    i am not going to even try

  21. Pessoal eu estava com esse erro, e não conseguia resolver de forma nenhuma, a minha solução foi esse tutorial ai, fiz o procedimento do prompt de comando foi através dele que consegui! Obrigado pela ajuda ai!

  22. Thank you, now I'm on facebook

  23. Thank you very much. I did all that you mentioned but it seems to be different issue. Please help.

  24. How did u record with the pc turning off and starting up ?

  25. THANK YOU!!!!!

  26. Thank you very much for this. Changing my LAN optiosn worked.

  27. i didn,t even have permission to save hosts file.

  28. For the notepad part, when I click save, it wants me to save as a txt file. What do I do?

  29. It helped a lot

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