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How to Fix Mouse and Touchpad Problems in Windows 10, 8.1, 7 – (3 Fixes)

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33 Comments on How to Fix Mouse and Touchpad Problems in Windows 10, 8.1, 7 – (3 Fixes)

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  2. Thanks this helped me a lot. ????

  3. Mine was dancing and I restarted me laptop and it completely fixed ???? new subscriber cause I didn’t even think about restarting my laptop!!!

  4. God is there..super

  5. Oh my gosh man you are such a blessing :0 I was about to visit some technical man to fix this issue but thanks to you my keypad started working ????

  6. Thank you so much for your help! If I have future problems with my computer I will use you again.

  7. Thanks. It really works and solved my problem. Keep it up!

  8. ty so much i didn't knew the dancing mouse was that easy to fix thank you u got a new sub btw 😀

  9. Wow thank you! Couldn't believe it worked!

  10. Thanks very much.

  11. Thank you so much!!!

  12. Oh my goodness thank you sooo much????????


  14. Thank you very much! It works!

  15. My mouse nor my touchpad is working, so I cannot click on anything to fix them. I can use the buttons on my USB keyboard to get to the control panel and access the mouse page, but then I am unable to do anything. I think I need a new laptop????.

  16. I am so grateful for your tutorial. My PC's touchpad has not been working for a few months and couldn't be able to solve it. But by watching your tutorial now, I am able to activate my touchpad. Now I can share your youtube. Thank you so much

  17. I managed to fix my mom's laptop's mouse pad with the "not moving" problem. Thanks alot!

  18. You rock! I fixed my crazy mouse with a reset, but I am saving this video for the next time it happens. Very understandable and to the point! Thanks, friend!

  19. I WORKED!!!????????????????????????thanks so much, I was searching for so long!!!!’????????

  20. That wallpaper of trees is awesome ????????

  21. It works now thank u so much

  22. Yeah my mouse wiglgles

  23. Thank you.. You are the best!

  24. Thank you so much…???????????? It works????????

  25. Thanks, my ears blew up…

  26. Thank you so much, you deserve much more subscribers

  27. Did that before I seen this and know it doesn't work

  28. It was a great experience…Thank You.

  29. Tnx bro , l like it ????????????????

  30. If i replaced my Asus windows 8 board, should i run my drive?

  31. It clicked sleep instead of restart, and I oop-

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