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How to Fix Red Cross on Network Icon Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7

How to Fix Red Cross on Network Icon Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7

Today we will take a look at fixing a common network problem which is Fix the Network is connecting but Icon Shows Red X. So if your WiFi or Ethernet connection which has Red Cross Sign which Appears on Network Icon then this video is for you.

There are a number of steps to fix red X on WiFi icon and I will go through these step by step.

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29 Comments on How to Fix Red Cross on Network Icon Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7

  1. Hi, I am having a problem with a virtual network adapter called Tap Windows adapter v9 which is for my VPN and for some reason when I open the actual app for Fastest Vpn its not working and when I check that adapter it has a red x on it and when I diagnose it tells me to plug in the cable but it doesn't have a cable as its a virtual network adapter. It's not running for some reason so I don't know if in settings somewhere it has been disabled or stopped and I have no idea how to find out if it's been disabled. Please help. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled but it's not working and it was before I updated to windows pro. I think I may have deleted some file with the vop9 . I contacted Microsoft tech and they kept telling me to plug the cable in and I tried to tell them it doesn't have a cable uhh so frustrated. any help you can give would be appreciated. thank you

  2. I started getting this too on early June of 2019. I get on the internet and somehow the wi-fi dies and I have to restart my laptop or I need to re-connect back to the internet. This was not much of a problem because I did this twice. But now, it is different. I have to restart my laptop, re-install the wi-fi adapter to its latest version and and need to troubleshoot my laptop's wi-fi adapter. It has been going on since July and think it will get worse. I use my laptop for video editing and light photoshop and have been taking good care of it so no dents or scratches. I want to have it for a good 25 years. Seems as though I might have to sell it and buy a new laptop, now.

  3. I have a Lenovo Idea Centre A600, which is connected to my 3 WiFi connections at home. All 3 WiFi Signals are working, but the icon X is still showing. I don't have a LAN connection and therefore disabled it.

  4. It works
    thank u so much

  5. Omg thanks a trillion times

  6. Very good. Lots of options, and after much gnashing of teeth, mine turned out to be that the wifi radio was turned off in the Bios. How that happened I have no idea. Was fine, got an unscheduled system shutdown when I unplugged the power cord to move lapper (that's another issue) and when I booted it back up, no wifi. Its back. In the meantime I ordered another lapper from Amazon. This one is about to implode methinks.

  7. Omg it worked going on device manager and then enabling it and then go to wifi thingy and click on it thanks so much

  8. What if you go to network connections and don't see wifi?

  9. It doesn't show wi-fi in the thingy where the other networks are

  10. What if i dont have thw wifi thing in 1:02

  11. Omg nothing is working for me everyone shows me the same thing and it doesn’t work

  12. 5:00 What the hell? You said you would come back to that problem later on then why you didn't????

  13. The FN thing really worked! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  14. Thanks it works thank you very much

  15. Hey I just wanted to thank you for making this vid! After spending hours looking around to try and fix my issue without luck I came across you and the thing you did in 'Servies'' was the thing that sorted out the issue I had. SO thank you so so very much c:

  16. Thanks I had that problem and this video help me a lot

  17. I have watched more videos than I can count trying to solve my wifi problem. At last! With this video it is solved.
    Thanks a million!

  18. Great ????????
    Thanks mein..
    I don’t actually know how I really did it but it my WiFi is back to normal..
    I disabled the adapter and enabled,I used my phone’s hotspot to update the adapter,but I think it didn’t work then,but then I restarted and entered into the settings,entering the bios setting but I couldn’t find what you showed but then I I remembered when I got the laptop,everything was fine,so I decided to load default settings and after I did that,exited and let the laptop restart,I disconnected my phone and I surprisingly saw the WiFi turning on,You have no idea how happy I felt????????

  19. You were the 6th youtube vid that I looked at. And obviously the first to suggest the FN f3 option. Troubleshooter mentions the function key but if course does specify which key or why! Either way I'm online and have only been set back by an hour rather than all day. Thanks!

  20. I got a Ethernet cable in and there’s a Red Cross so far you haven’t went over it lolol

  21. I don't know which step i should follow and I am almost give up to follow all the procedure are given to ensure my wifi Icon recover and get connected.

    After update here and there. Finally everything back to normal my Wifi Icon also is already visible after enter the password. Wow….its done. This is absolutely save my money and my day I indeed extreamly felt very excited due to able to enjoyed the Internet via my Sony Via Laptop after so long and ever since I had lost the Wifi or wireless Icon. I guess this is accidentally done without my confident able to do so. Although, I am felt headaced at first to find which is the best solution. Now, I'm very happy indeed and I don't know how to describes it. Thankyou my Lord and my God.

    Actually I am stop at this video clip channel after realized my laptop is back to normal. To the owner Thankyou Very Much. God Bless and Shalom Eleichem

  22. Nothing worked,I tried refreshing PC and even recycling my files,still the red X wifi is there. Legit this has been going on for like 2 weeks

  23. Hello Brian and thanks for another fantastic video.

    Yesterday while working away on my desktop, I noticed that the Internet Access Icon had a red X. Never seen that before! I had full internet access and was able to find your video. I went through all the steps you showed including disconnecting the power from the (sounds like you say rhooter) router.

    Still had full internet access after everything was reset. However, I still had the red X ??? Anyway, I'm still up and running so I'll leave that till later. <<< U know how it goes! A few hours later, I put the PC in sleep mode and go to bed. Next morning, I awake the PC, the red X is gone and all's well! Can you provide any insight as to my scenario / situation ??

    By the way, I should not fail to mention and possibly you can explain for me. >>> My home is shared with students and we have a common "Cable ISP" router and then we all get the Wi-Fi. We have WPA2-PSK 802.11n settings. Every so often, I will get a pop-up notice informing me that another computer is sharing my IP Address ! Does that mean that someone else has access to my PC and contents, or just that we share the same router address from the ISP and I shouldn't be too concerned.


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