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How To Fix Windows 10 Login Problems [Tutorial]

Fix login problems with Windows 10.

Concerns addressed in this tutorial:

– Windows 10 not logging in
– Windows 10 not logging in after sleep
– Windows 10 not letting me log in with correct password
– How to fix “username or password is incorrect” error in Windows 10
boot up screen

This tutorial will apply for computers, laptops, desktops,and tablets running the Windows 10 operating system (Home, Professional, Enterprise, Education) from all supported hardware manufactures, like…

23 Comments on How To Fix Windows 10 Login Problems [Tutorial]

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  2. excellent.. this video helped me.. thank u

  3. It did not work because my administrator has been removed.

  4. Thank you so much for helping me???? was looking at other videos and none of them help but finally seen this one and I fix my problem????

  5. I am still having problems with my password. I get to the Startup and it doesn't give me any options to go to Safe Mode. Before I can go to Safe Mode, Windows asked me for the password which is incorrect. I am using the correct password.

  6. I tried this with f5 and 5 and it would go to password and it didn’t recognise it, so can’t get into safe mode. I reset the password on ms site and I can login from other devices ok. I used the onscreen keyboard, checked the spelling was correct by clicking on eye icon,. So I have tried everything… I’m not stupid… my next thing is to see if I can login as admin so will go to setup f2and allow the admin account, if this doesn’t work will be reinstalling…

  7. Hey pls respond to this my pc is like stuck on a zoomed in kinda this and I can’t get it to budge. Can u help me out with this? Thanks

  8. Wow, it's has been worked for me!!! Thanks dear….

  9. Thanks! I thought My pc was busted for a sec.

  10. I am getting thrue

  11. i can sign in and it says password is correct but then it tells me it cant sign into my account and i have to use a guest type of thing (temporary account) and it never lets me sign into an actual account so i cant download things and nothing ever saves. someone pls help me i really need to be able to use my other computer i legit just got it and its already broken!!! HAAALLLLPPPPP!

  12. Gosh thank you you saved my day

  13. I can't do this method
    Because,when I restart and hold my shift key.
    It tells me that I only can turn off PC
    I can't do anything else.
    Please help

  14. Hi. Can you please help me. I'm trying to follow the first step, I hold the shift key and clicked the left click on the mouse but nothing happened. I can't login to my laptop and it can't shut down or restart either. Whenever I'm trying to login with my correct password something comes up saying "RPC server is unavailable" Can you please help me.

  15. Thank u so much! I've been locked out of my main computer for 2 years now. It wouldn't take my password. I'm now able to get back in.

  16. IDK how windows thinks people would know how to do this. Minimalist is nice but having the words and options is nice too.

  17. How do I come directly to that blue screen?

  18. Thanks a Lot ????????

  19. For me I had the issue after updating latest version Windows 10 like 1809 or 1903 and that happen because I use third party Theme for windows 10 like Anime Theme.

  20. You save me. I love you! Thanks brother!

  21. I have pin and i type pin and its incorrect and says wait 2 hours

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