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How To Fix Windows 10 Startup Problems In 2018 – COMPLETE Tutorial

fix windows 10 startup problems.

Link to media creation utility:

If you are experiencing common issues like Blackscreen, Bootloop, Infinite loading screen, or infinite boot this tutorial will be for you.

This tutorial will apply for computers, laptops, desktops,and tablets running the Windows 10 operating system (Home, Professional, Enterprise, Education) from all supported hardware manufactures, like Dell, HP, Acer, Asus,…

45 Comments on How To Fix Windows 10 Startup Problems In 2018 – COMPLETE Tutorial

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  2. Will I lose all of my files on my pc

  3. I'm stuck on something that's says BBI Overwrite backupBBI? (Yes/No/All):
    Someone help!

  4. me descompusiste mas mi sony vaio ahora prende pero ya no se ve nada en la pantalla… ahora la pantalla se ve negra … por que ? porfavor ayuda!!!

  5. Never had the amount of problems with the good old XP operating system. I think I'll change to a Mac.

  6. I've tried all your choices and haven't been able to get back to use my laptop do you have any other options

  7. Thank you???? this really helped me

  8. What is the song in the video?

  9. Thanks man… Its solved????????????????????????

  10. Did all that and still windows wont launch. Now what?

  11. mine takes me to the BIOs Setup Utility any steps from that?

  12. Man i don t have options it hust automaticly restart like 100 times i can t boot pc and do apsolutly anyithing

  13. This is how Windows will continue to loose customers. Reboot gets more and more complicated with each new version.

  14. maybe you can help me. my computer lately as been starting up slow when booting up i have a ssd to load my os, when i boot up and click on task manager it shows 100% cpu used and memory is pretty high too, if i leave it on like that it shuts down my monitors!. i also have disabled startup app, and it still happens. after i shut it down two times by holding button, the third time it boots up fine and fast like normal??? at this point idk whats wrong! just for quick ref, i have a i5 4670k cpu and gtx 760 4g card with 8g of ram.. any halp will be cool!

  15. Superb… It really works for me
    after trying lots of time this vedio help me ..thanx alot sir ji????

  16. hey thanx alot…it really worked but tell me this after correcting it, i format my device and reinstalled new version of win 10 so that this problem might never occur again but it keeps on coming after i installed new os …what do i do now???? plz tell me a fix for this

  17. 17:50 , I tought if you see all zero's you'd have to stop and not go futher? Could you please explain? Thanks

  18. dude please help me, i cant get to that automatic system repair thing.. what should i do?

  19. In Startup Repair it's saying couldn't repair your pc press "advance options" to try other option bla bla bla
    Log file: C:WINDOWSSystem32LogfilessrtTrail.txt

  20. Is it really necessary to hard power off 3 times to get to that specific screen? I seem to be able to access these same options from the 🙁 loading screen which my PC keeps looping back to

  21. What if there is no system restore file?

  22. Tried this a few times but still not working

  23. I cant even get my pc to the blue screen fml

  24. Nothing Works for me 🙁 can someone help me pls, i got a message like "There is a probleme" or "error"

  25. what ever i do it just dosent work for me ;(

  26. How to fix log out the log back in

  27. Hey man I’ve searched and looked at every video on YouTube AND MY PC STILL IS IN AUTOMATIC REPAIR IVE BEEN LIKE THIS FOR 8 MONTHS

  28. "file not found" on dir my letter is e:
    pleas help

  29. This was really helpful! I was going through a lot of trouble after the windows update, this video is a real savior! thank you once again! 🙂

  30. Thanks Bro,for helping my computer to restore to back form

  31. You really need a SSD . My laptop has a Samsung V-NAD SSD 850 EVO m.2. 500gb. system restore takes less then 3 minutes.

  32. I done everything still repair

  33. There's no advance option on my laptop.

  34. What i need to do if my all numbers is 0

  35. My laptop dell 3000 series windows 10 not work please help me

  36. Please tell me what are the personal files……. Will my pictures be not removed in this reset option and keep files …… Please tell me

  37. What will happen if I use reset PC and keep all my files which files will be kept like I have many pictures I want to keep please tell me

  38. resetting dvd your pc 21….

  39. dvd usb or f2 or f11 to your pc it might errors f12 or f10 reset f1 or f3 4 usb all usb

  40. errors your disk pc..

  41. Unfortunately it repeats Automatic Repair each time I turn on laptop. I see Choose option and troubleshooting but nothing works now. I may have done something wrong. I have nothing but blue screen asking about troubleshooting. Please help. Thank you.

  42. Thank you so much for the music, I am stressed trying to fix this and it helps. I will let you know.

  43. I wish I could support you on patreon, but thanks to a stroke I've lost my job. I just wanted to say a huge thank you. Your video was so precise and easy to follow, I no longer have to look at the black screen of death! This was something I could have done 18 months ago, with little stress. Today I've felt like I was climbing Kilimanjaro, and thanks to you I reached the summit! Thank you again, Dotty.

  44. There’s another way press f12 then click OS Recovery

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