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How To Fix Yellow Triangle on Internet Icon in Windows 7/8/10

To fix yellow triangle on internet icon in Winodows 7 , Windows 8 or Windows 10 taskbar, follow the simple steps in this video.
It’s to set the IP address of your connection to be found automatically. If it doesn’t work, then set it manually. To find the details, open Command prompt (admin) and enter “ipconfig” . Note the IP V4 Address and enter them in the concerned columns as explained in this video. Towards the Preferred DNS Server enter 8, 8, 8, 8 and towards Alternate DNS Server…

45 Comments on How To Fix Yellow Triangle on Internet Icon in Windows 7/8/10

  1. You saved me 2 time thank

  2. thank you so much sir……such a great and helpful videos

  3. HI , We have palo alto firewall and some of Windows 7 systems have indicating yellow mark in network icon, Internet is working but some of the sites are not working due to yellow mark, Please help us to sot out this issue.

  4. Worked perfectly. Problem solved. Thanks guys. Excellent!!!

  5. Thanks so much, this has worked for me

  6. Thank Tou SOOOOO Much Sir I solved my problem After Along Time Today Thank You☺????????

  7. Thanks sir . I solve my problem today

  8. İt comes back and this doesnt work

  9. August 29th 2019. If you cannot get into Network and Sharing by pressing your Wi-Fi with the yellow triangle on the bottom. There is another way by getting into Control panel. On the right hand side on the top where it says Be You by make sure it says category and then you're going to see network and internet you're going to click that. Then you're going to see Network and Sharing Center and then you press that and then you follow the rest of the video.

  10. Thanks problem resolved

  11. It solved my problem thanks

  12. İt dont work sometimes

  13. worked for me ,win7…thank god!
    i used the google dns method

  14. I don't trust this whatsoever
    But the default gateway number doesn't show up

  15. Thank you a lot boss very helpful 🙂 god bless

  16. I dont have default gateway

  17. Another video were iam doing the samething but getting different option on my computer

  18. You save me for the 2nd time around thankyou

  19. thank you so muchh sir..very helpful

  20. Stolen video with another voice over

  21. Still not work, I don't know why?

  22. When i click on internet protocol version 4 there is no option properties (i mean there is but i cant click on it)

  23. Ohhh you dont need to enter the default getaway

  24. I dony have a defoult getaway in command prompt please help i need to do an assignment pleaseee

  25. Thanks very much. The first step solved my network connections challenge.

  26. Thank you Sir it's very useful and my problem is solved

  27. That actually seemed to work, the yellow triangle is gone. However, my issue has been that it would come back after a certain period of time after a restart but if it doesn't then I thank you in advance <3

  28. Hi, when i open comand prompt, i press ipconfig i press enter and i see : the nomber of autoconfiguration second the numbers of subnet mast. Default gateway has not number's. Plz help

  29. The triangle went but internet not working

  30. Needa waot for 5 min until it restarts

  31. Thank you. worked for me.

  32. Thank you bro I really appreciate it

  33. Thats not helpful for my pc7

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