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How to Format and Clean Install Windows 10

This is a step by step instructions on installing Windows 10. for a clean install you might need to disable UEFI

Download Windows 10

Burn ISO onto a disc

Disable UEFI

Change the boot order

If you dont want to loose data, upgrade:

40 Comments on How to Format and Clean Install Windows 10

  1. Sir I have dell inspiron 15
    And I have Windows 10pro how I delete all partition then create new all partitions

  2. what about the product key?

  3. can i run windows 10 on pentium processor,8gb ram ddr3

  4. What my computer logs me now "The computer restarted unexpectedly, or an unexpected error occurred, unable to continue installing the Windows, to install Windows, click OK to reboot the computer, and then restart the installation" I The time when I click OK and it comes to the stage of installation writes me this comment, so I just can not get ahead at this point, and do not know what to do, I would be happy to help

  5. I press F2 all the time and it does not transfer with me to the next screen because I made a full format to the computer, when the time came for the installation in the middle, my computer turned itself off a few times and turned on, at the installation stage itself an error occurred, now I can not even start my computer to come For the same stage of installation, it constantly gives me an error number and I must restart the computer, I can not get ahead with it, I would very much be happy to help, it is very urgent

  6. i want to install windows 10 64 bits on my computer i have windows 10 32 bits already

  7. Disabling UEFI isn't necessary, but for defaults – it's may be disabled

  8. it is not showing me any drive, so windows can not be installed. dafaq is that rly:(

  9. hello sir I have windows 7 OS and my laptops is windows 10. Can I install windows 7 installer in my windows 10?

  10. its informative but im getting depression while getting earraped from the subwoofer while listening to this

  11. Thank you so much man

  12. Good video, but I am shocked that the gentleman that created it doesn’t seem to monitor it anymore. Many people have asked questions or made comments and he is absent.

  13. hi
    how do i get windows 10 pro version?
    and i downloaded a windows 10 pro version crack from torrent. Windows 10 Pro RS3 Build 16184 (x86+x64 Selective) [CracksNow]. and please help me to install it.

  14. Thank you very much, It worked!

  15. When my PC restart the Bois poped up

  16. if i have other partitions that installed Ubuntu and so i need to delete it as well or not.

  17. I don't have a new drive, what do I do then?

  18. man!!!! are the DEVIL??? WHAT A VOICE!!!!!!

  19. Thnkkkkkkku
    U saved my life lol it was so simple but everytime i was trying make a new partition by clicking "NEW"


  20. Can you please make a video to fix black screen on Windows 10 for 15-20 second before login page appear every time when I turn on my laptop or restart

  21. I didn't understand a single word ????????????

  22. Good presentation.

  23. i need to know if this would work for windows 7 +64 any answer would be greatly help full for my work

  24. why put off doing the windows activation code if this is supposed to be a tutorial?

  25. Thanks you so much.

  26. Thanks so much for this awesome video. Totally solved my computer problem!

  27. Ima unable to format my system…when he is askng press any key to continue..aftr prsng again it is askng same qstn..plz solve the prbln any one

  28. Call on helpline number (+1-877-201-3821) and get help by experts.

  29. Will this fix the memzvirus?

  30. I am running windows 8.1 and I have 6 partition drives, will any of these factors effect the process in this video?

  31. I just didthe following instructions but the Getting Ready took so long to be done and after that it restarted to go to the enter the product key but it says your pc ran into problem and need to restart so is there any fix to this? Where is the problem? To the computer or the operating system?

  32. I needed this video for 3 days then I found it…I could kiss you…I wont but I could. The latest security update wrecked my computer and i have to fresh install. Thanks to this I dont have to pay someone else to this very simple task.

  33. enter product kay ?

  34. I could not see my mouse arrow

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