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47 Comments on how to get into someones computer without password

  1. Can t hear you??? No help!

  2. nice video but the volume is bad

  3. How I do it I put powder on the key board then i type the number in billons of combination I want up my moms laptop

  4. How to get cmb in the lock screen. Plz say.

  5. My brother stole my laptop and put a new password on it

  6. OMG it works the dislike button works OMG

  7. Guys give this guy a break what do you fucking expect it was 2010

  8. but 330k views

  9. its been 7 years and who have not even 300 subs

  10. fucken sucks man get a better computer
    @lazy fuckboy

  11. when you are searching for this because you forgot your laptops password .-.

  12. damn stop fucking hating

  13. This nigga got the windows tf

  14. i know ur password at school Damion 😉

  15. 2017 anyone? lol

  16. Wow Published at oct 22 2010 Now is it 2016 like a week is it 2017

  17. what about if youre not an administrator?

  18. My brother threatened to kill me if I get on his computer :'(

  19. plz talk actively u r talking like u have not eat goof

  20. this is like hacking pc


  22. You know the fucking password then

  23. The volume sucks.

  24. damion what again you press

  25. Omg thank you my brother you helped me out a lot

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  27. We have the same computer xD

  28. 2:41 Eeew his reflection is naked .-.

  29. If you mess up and try it again it doesn't wotk

  30. people use apple these days

  31. hey dude I forgot my hp 2009m computer password

  32. how you can to the back but you are not in the bag

  33. Speak up shithead

  34. Is this work for windows8?


  36. Holy shit this actually did work!! Saved all my files from years ago!! Thanks a ton man!!

  37. This video did not work on my computer what should I do

  38. The easy way is:
    On LoginScreen pres Ctrl+Alt+Del twice and type username:Administrator (without password) and hit enter. Than you can change any password.  Simple. No need cmd.

  39. Also if there is a password on the admin account u need to activate the guest account and do it from there with administrative access through the cmd.

  40. That was a while back maybe I do need to update sorry for the low mic volume and the slowness it was one of my first videos ever soo… yeah

  41. but when i type net user " user name"  *
    after type pass:

    after that it shows access denied .so please tell me how to solve that

  42. Damion I'm trying to get into my laptop; for some reason I couldn't get it to open with the password I changed last night. I'm in cmd.exe mode and when I enter the "net user" I just used mango and it said the user name could not be found. What do I do at this point?

  43. Really good video I can't believe it worked. You can also change it back to your own account afterwards which is just fab!!!

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