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How To Get Solitaire Back On Windows 8

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Windows decided not to include Solitaire on the new Windows 8 operating system, This video tutorial demonstrates how to install Solitaire free on Windows 8 through the Ap Store.

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32 Comments on How To Get Solitaire Back On Windows 8

  1. I had Microsoft Solitaire Collection installed on my new Dell computer, Windows 10, and enjoyed playing all 3 types, but now when I click on the app it displays the start display but if I click on one of those it disappears. Microsoft tells me that it is installed on my computer, so why does it disappear when I tap on the display to start it? This comment posted by miggiwiggins not Ryan Bundy.

  2. Thank you so much for doing this.

  3. I recommend Microsoft Solitaire Collection.

  4. BUT BUT how do start it ????????

  5. Psh, all this new interface quite pointless, idk what they were thinking, it feels like it's for tv or something, I just don't use it. I googled free solitaire and it gave me link to 123solitaire, I'm gona check it out now, I'm sure it's better than suggested here, also playing solitaire on full screen is bad for me, because I play it while watching vids on internet.

  6. it's unfortunate microsoft has installed this "store" crap as an overriding presence on their latest operating system, it's insulting to the vast majority of the population that understands windows is supposed to be the starting point to a great computing experience instead of an insular world unto itself serving only microsofts desires to corner the market on all software.  Microsoft's greed with not being satisfied being the platform for most pc users in the world could be their undoing

  7. its ask me about code

  8. Unfortunately, I have Windows 8.1. The more Microsoft you get, the more THEY hold your computer hostage. These instruction DON'T work.


  10. I dearly miss my Solitare too but, I wouldn't bother to download it… just another app that controls the way you do things. I hate that, and EVERYTHING else about Windows 8. Whoever had this rush of shit to the brain… should be shot!

  11. Sorry I only copied freecell. Slight update. The directory is Windows/system 32 and Solitaire is Sol.exe – Hearts is mshearts.exe – Spider Solitaire is Spider.exe and Mine Sweeper is winmine.exe

  12. Pop a flash drive in your old computer go to Windows/system/system32 directory.
    Copy    Cards.dll  – Solitaire.exe  – Freecell.exe – Hearts.exe   ect… pop the flash drive into your computer running Windows 8 and copy the files to a directory and Voila!!

  13. I installed it, but now I can't get back to it.  I did not get a tile on the Metro page.. If I click on games on the Metro screen I'm taken to the Xbox page to download games. 

  14. Thanks Luis.  It was very easy with your instructions.  Simple Solitaire is what I have been searching for.  I love to play when I try to wind down and relax.

  15. I went to do this, but the screen for what I had to agree to was SOOOOO EXTREME that solitaire was not worth it.  How can they ask us to agree to their terms both written and unwritten

  16. Thank you for putting this up here.  It is appreciated by SOME of us.

  17. Okay- how do I get in on the screen so I can play while I am doing other things- on hold on the phone, during webinars, etc.

  18. Luis
    you are great, BUT
    Windows 8 STINKS

  19. get the microsoft one…

  20. Your fix is no fix. The store version is rubbish compared to Solitaire windows 7. It is out-dated and has no auto-docking functions. It is a total pain to use. How do we get back to the Windows 7 version??? 

  21. Why Microsoft took it out in the first place??? I'm still enjoying my windows 7 i'll neva buy 8

  22. This free game in no longer in the store

  23. ok so i did it and i'm good with it thanks

  24. On my husband's laptop he did as you said step by step, but when you said to type solitaire and click on the store icon he has no store icon! Can you help please?

  25. on the new windows screen go to search and all ur apps should come up go to solitaire right click on it and select pin to menu and it will be on ur main screen the new windows 8 screen

  26. I dont have an internet connection where i took the windows 8 system please let me know if i need to be on the net to retreive it thanks

  27. I don't want to play on fullscreen metro, it's absurd. Solitaire is fun to play with something in the background. The fact that they force you to play this way is stupid.

  28. Thanks Luis!!! I was going crazy!!!!!

  29. Thank you! Very helpful. I am going to try it now.

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