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How To Get The Most Candy While Trick-or-Treating

Here’s some tricks for anyone out there who’s still trick or treating! You don’t even need to go to the rich people neighborhood!

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24 Comments on How To Get The Most Candy While Trick-or-Treating

  1. I take the whole bucket of candy

  2. Seriously… it’s Saturday and Halloween was two days ago… STUPID HOME PAGE

  3. We walked to the rich naborhood

  4. I raided my town for Halloween.

  5. Our neighborhood has 95% of people who have, “Take one please!” Ok. One handful our friends would always grab 5+ candies. Yay. I also remember may best friend told me so,wine grabbed the whole bowl and dumped it in their bag. I have some stories—

  6. My strategy is to just bring a gun,they’ll even give you free money.

  7. One way is no want to walk in to steal the whole dang one to look at a way for someone I want to person you can des

  8. How to get Chase from the most craziest people on the world in Halloween

  9. Go to the mall they give u a ton of candy

  10. Buy ten or more costumes so five minutes later you will have over 100 candy

  11. Take one please

    Me: *Takes all the candy…and the bowl

  12. Bro I’m so happy that this came in me recommended after Halloween

  13. I bring pillow cases

  14. Me and my friends start trick or treating early (like 6-8) and we usually go where there isn’t many kids and we get handfuls of candy

  15. Nah I just take a part off my costume and go back to the Same house over and over again

  16. I tot tons of candy by wearing and blow up costume and I taped a pillow case in the in side and what u do is go up to a house and do the usual trick or treat and once o get ur candy walk away make sure the person who gave u the candy is not looking and u dump the candy in ur costume than u walk down the street and once you get to the end u run down the street again and do the same thing and NO ONE remembers at all I did this at least 3 times and targeted the houses that gave u the best candy

  17. one time someone just took the whole bowl EVEN THE BOWL 2:31

  18. When James said “the houses with full sized candy bars” this Halloween I got a fucking not the regular bag of sour patch kids NO I got a BIG BAG OF IT! SO FREE GIANT BAG OF SOUR PATCH KIDS FOR LIKE A week or something

  19. I don’t trick or treat •_•

    Cuz my dad is tired of taking my whole family 🙁
    So my dad buys candy 😀

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