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How to GET Windows On An Android Phone|Tablet (Tutorial)

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39 Comments on How to GET Windows On An Android Phone|Tablet (Tutorial)

  1. thanks bro now i can play fate the traitor soul on my android tablet thanks!


  3. thanks dude,, nice job,, subscribe.

  4. Where is the next part of your video ???

  5. Does it work with Windows 10?

  6. How to go back to andriod

  7. At least, i found it

  8. hey I liked that but how can I get back to my anroid

  9. 감사합니다 Thank you ????????????

  10. oppa GANGGAM style…

  11. so effective haha

  12. Hey buddy nice job,,, had a good time with pc now run an adroid pc 🙂

  13. Can you laptop be turned off as your running the splashtop app on your android?

  14. 3:10 오 오오오 오빤 강남스타일!(sorry to use korea lol)

  15. can your laptop be turned off while u use it and would it work on a note 2

  16. can i still use regular apps and games for phones!

  17. Can please give me a ps4

  18. yeah baby i install it tomorrow

  19. Thanks. Anti Change My Software

  20. Thanks a lot it worked for me

  21. please make a video how to download gta 5 on PC for free

  22. make a video on downloading gta 5 please please

  23. when is the next video coming out

  24. THIS…IS…extremely usefull.
    Thanks for the video.
    Much appreciated.

  25. Where your 4k video and high loaded games play with this remort desktop client???? :p

  26. hey can i download windows 10 on my galaxy grand????

  27. can we use this without pc anywhere

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