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How to hack Asphalt 8 on Windows 8.1

***UPDATE Vesion 2.0.1a (September 2015)
– Money, PRO Uprgade, MAX Uprgade, 8 in 1 Tools


19 Comments on How to hack Asphalt 8 on Windows 8.1

  1. Fucking bullshit cunt stop making videos like this you shit cunt. GET A FUCKING LIFE!!!!!

  2. Hi,
    it does not let me download it as it says its malicious

  3. you suck you dont give full information and your links in the video doesnt even work what a waste of time

  4. fijate que no puedo hacer clic derecho en mi tablet como puedo hacer  eso o como puedo buscar esa ventana…..

  5. no sirve esa tu set pa que gaste mi tiempo.

  6. thanks  😀   XD

  7. its not working in my windows 8.1

  8. Nếu bạn Custom Care thì nó bannded

  9. Frst time i tried it dint go well. so wen i tried for the second time it says there is already a file exist in this name or adress wateve. So what shuld i do now??

  10. mediafire link is bad…how about a code and a method that cannot be detected so we do not get banned or quit this offering.

  11. when i did first scan nothing poped up when u said do ctrl+a

  12. it works!! but i have a problem. after this hack i cannot find some players to play. Only a few the same players (probably they are hackers, because its impossible to win them. their cars speed is 1000 km/h)

  13. chrome is blocking cheat engine can't download

  14. it's not working for version 1.9.0o
    plz tell something for this version

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