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How to Hack “My Little Pony” Windows 8, 10

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Hello Youtube i have hacked the My Little Pony Game App for windows and here is how i did it .. mic still isint working sorry

~My Little Pony Windows Store:

~ Cheat Engine:

~ Auto Clicker:

24 Comments on How to Hack “My Little Pony” Windows 8, 10

  1. Hey! It's not working for me…

  2. Didn't work subscribe anyway ????

  3. Your an awesome person

  4. i have one for gems if you know how to get to the file i have an add in file that pays you to pop baloons

  5. Really helpfull. I try make it 4 times, but I did it! Thanks!

  6. Everything's been working fine, but not the Auto Clicker is asking for a Registration Fee. Did you have to pay to use this? is there a free one around?

  7. Windows 10, Windows 8.1
    Got Windows 8… gg

  8. Heeyy Friends I Have F0unddddd Workingg Online Hacck visitt : –

  9. Heey Frienddsssss I Have F0unddddd W0roking Online Hacck visitttt : –

  10. This is great. Now if only the cheat engine can make you have more gems

  11. could somebody help me i did n understand anythig at all + how do you get the gems

  12. I did everything you did and it worked but how do you get gems with the auto clicker??

  13. So, I have a couple of questions:

    1) Does this contain a virus? (probably not, but I wanted to make sure)
    2) Does it still work? I saw somebody else use CheatEngine and it doesn't work anymore

  14. is m'y code:ae32a9

  15. Cheat engine keeps fucking having fucking errors

  16. Please reply ASAP

  17. I tried this but its not doing anything for me. Is there any way you could show me how to use cheat engine

  18. I have about 140 gems now,with the auto clicker

  19. Can i do this same with coins? Like modify them with cheat engine?

  20. Hmm can u show me how to hack mlp with cheat engine exp pls … Or is there anyway to get bits…

  21. Does this really work???

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