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How to hack or reset windows 7 password without any software and installation media.

How to simply reset password on windows 7 without any software and installation media. And how to get access to files and folders with password protected windows 7.

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45 Comments on How to hack or reset windows 7 password without any software and installation media.

  1. This is awesome. It worked great. My brother couldn't figure it out so I looked online and found your video. Thank you so much. I actually got to prove to my tech brother that I outsmart him for once. Ha!! Lol. Your video was awesome. It's the best and free way I found to get into the computer. Thank you again.

  2. Thank u verymuch…..very easy and successful methord….i again thank u sooo much…

  3. I applied your steps again and got my computer unlocked and i changed my password thank you bro

  4. Thank you bro you saved my personal files

  5. i click the bottom left but not poping out anything

  6. Dat's my man! Worked and succeeded!

  7. Thank you so very much…this works

  8. thanks so much for this video. I was adamant that I was not going to reboot my laptop and lose all my files so I followed all the steps in this video and I was able to create a new password. I have just found about 20 old videos that I would have never got back if I hadn't found this video. one of my late grandma. so very much appreciated x

  9. I'm going to die it got stuck and couldn't turn the computer. Off

  10. I have a problem and I need help please
    the problem is that I can't rename the files
    what should I do

  11. What if on system repair says reparing disk errors what should i do it says it may last for an hour

  12. You are legend… Thank you

  13. Hi man i dont get the pop up of sending more info can help microsoft create solutions in order to go view problem details. Can u please help?

  14. Your video runs way to fast to make sure everything is correct.
    Slow it down some and don't skip through some of the steps being performed.
    Now I have to wipe the hard drive clean and start over with a fresh boot due to your skipping

  15. still works 2018*

  16. I gave you one of my full satisfied like in my life.

  17. After selecting windows startup repair and when it says loading windows files that time the loading stuck there

  18. One problem sir
    When I open the UTILMAN and windows show the username but this username isn't match username which is see in screen
    Two username are different
    Please help me

  19. Hi,
    Please tell me how you recorded the screen???

  20. Will this rest the whole computer b/c I'm using my school computer but it won't let me log in b/c I'm not in there service. I wanted to get pass this screen but i didn't wanna restart the whole computers and delete whatever set up they have on here. Can you help me?

  21. It worked like a charm, thanks.

  22. when i'm at the repair screen i have to type my password to continue? someone help me how can i get to the repair screen without the password

  23. how to rename back cmd..

  24. I can’t find ultiman when I open system32

  25. Thanks a lot. This was of great help!

  26. This worked on Windows 7 Starter version.   We had some very precious pictures of our grandkids on this old mini Acer computer we were about to sell.  Thanks for your help.

  27. How long does it take for the command prompt to appear at the end

  28. After i do the net user (username) * the password thing doesn’t pop up it goes back to another line. Please help

  29. Thank you so much helped a lott ????????

  30. windows recovery ka option nahin a raha h

  31. Thanks now i know how to change password in laptop ahhahahahahahaha

  32. I launched system repair and it started but it repaired automatically then how to open option

  33. Everything works until the very end when I try to log on it says “the user profile service service failed the logon”
    “User profile cannot be loaded”

  34. I did everything right, it still won't let me log in… Thank you anyway :'(

  35. When I tried this, it just asked for restore. What do I do here?

  36. Ease of access not working pls help me.

  37. Launch repair is no open command help

  38. windows 7 uiltmste hoy to aama su kar vu

  39. Here…we can open command prompt directly y cant we use lusrmgr.msc command to reset the password instead of doing long process

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