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How to hack Virtual City Playground 2017 Update 10M GEMS&COINS Win10

I will show on how to hack the game of Virtual Playground.
This tutorial .. you can learn how to use the Cheat Engine .
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10 Comments on How to hack Virtual City Playground 2017 Update 10M GEMS&COINS Win10


  2. Currently, the gold cost of my next land expansion is 500,000, and when I follow those steps, nothing is popping up when I scan 500000 value.

    I have even tried 25000, and that number never changes.
    I even tried inputting 500000, and no change happens.

    By the way, I am unable to stay off virtual city playground for long, before it automatically closes.
    Sometimes even only half a second.

    Should this work on Windows 10?

    Much of the time, when I open cheat engine 6.7, then open game, and then input the value, no number shows up in the adress bar.

    Or the numbers quickly turn into ??? where the value is stated.

  3. the game was not appearing for me in the process list (i got the Cheat Engine 6.7) please help me

  4. Why Buy DIAMOND?????… When You Get It Free From Here ==>×0421

  5. it only works with the gold but the diamonds doesnt change man :'(

  6. If I have 12 gems, what code?

  7. Hi I really need your help!

    I can find the gold and changed it to -999999 (it works)

    I then search for the code to copy @ 4C/4D/4E/4F.

    2 problems – I cant locate the exact address… But i see a lot of repetition so i copied a random one.

    2nd problem is that, i found the 02000005 at 48/49/4A/4B, pasted the random "copied number" and nothing changed. please help!

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