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How to hack wifi 2017-2018 (Kali Linux)

This is a very POWERFUL method. I don’t take responsibility for anything you may do with it. If your neighbor Johnny says someone hacked his router all of a sudden it’s on you 🙂

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23 Comments on How to hack wifi 2017-2018 (Kali Linux)

  1. What exactly does this do? Does it shut it down or is it similar to the netsh wlan show profile on cmd and just shows the info of the network.

  2. i get aircrack-ng: aircrack-ng.c:6738: main: Assertion `ap_cur->wpa.state > 0' failed. error

  3. what is darkcode list you put after aircrack-ng -w

  4. may sound like a stupid question
    "passphrase not in dictionary"
    what went wrong?

  5. where is darkcode file??

  6. Nl8011 not found
    Interface wlan0mon
    Ioctl failed no such device
    Failed initializing wirless card wlan0mon HELP

  7. Is it possible to run Multiple Consoles/Terminals for one signal?

  8. when i should get a handshake it says no replay interface specified

  9. can u tell me what s the darkcode and what is the other thing FIOS-FKPH6…

  10. Bro it's need internet for hack wifi

  11. Do you need internet connection to hack a WiFi?

  12. Hello HackExcel its me 😀 Devo

  13. Whenever I do this I get disconnected from my wifi

  14. Can anyone help me? How to get word.lst or darkc0de???

  15. I can't see any bssid or WiFi not show…..

  16. I'm totally new to this so most of this flew over my head. I want to crack passwords of WPA2-PSK wifi networks around me that I'm detecting with a wireless long range adapter by Alfa Network. First, can I do this from Windows with any kind of password cracking software tool installed, or not? Second, I have a Kali Linux 2017 v installed in a virtual box hosted by a windows machine but, I haven't found any tutorials on how to install the adapter to the Linux virtual distro. Any total beginner info you can point me to? Thank you. =).

  17. i have don all procedures successful but @ the end "Phrahs not fond" what can i do or please provide me link of darkc0de.lst

  18. slt a tous ou est le fichier FiOS-FXPH5-01.cap ainsi que /root/Desktop/darkcode.lst merci

  19. It is showing that at 3:11 Aireplay-ng –help

  20. Hi do you still need to wifi adapters for this?

  21. please need song

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