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How to increase Diamonds in Virtual City Playground | Cheat Engine

HI Guys,I will Show You How To increase Diamonds in Virtual City Playground With cheat Engine 6.7 in windows 10,8,8.1 2017 It Is Very Easy And Simple Method.
If someone Face Any Problem please Comment I will Solve Your Problem.Thank you
Download cheat Engine Form This Link

9 Comments on How to increase Diamonds in Virtual City Playground | Cheat Engine

  1. I cant find the app in the applications though i installed it in microsoft store. What should i do?

  2. I followed instructions to the T…. I totally have a billion diamonds!!!!!

  3. bro this still works thank you so much you really helped me out

  4. I cannot do it can you help me with that please you can Skype me also please

  5. I can't find ''02 00 00 05'' what can I do?

  6. I downloaded it, and am trying to get this to work. I cannot make out what value you are typing, because it looks like a value is very blurry to my eyes.
    I do not have a New Scan show up on my downloaded cheat, but I do have First Scan, and click it.
    The only thing that happens is that this pop-up appears.
    X Scan error:controller; No readable memory found

    I attemtt using tutorial, and i have no way of finding the value.

    It says password 090453

    Step 2 Exact Value Scanning (Pw=090453)
    I cannot seem to get the correct 1000 value,

    I appreciate any help with this please.

    I badly need diamonds for the game, and I am unable to get any, or enough. And I am at the point that I need diamonds for everything, and I am unable to spend real money.

    Please help.

  7. hey can somone help me please i put the value in but nothing happens

  8. Well, it actually worked. If anyone is having questions with this method I am sure to help. Good job man, you bypassed the anti cheat system in a smart way!

  9. Dear Helpertotheneedy, I use a Mac and I don't know how to do the hack here… is it possible for you to send me some diamonds? I can send you something else maybe..  My nickname is 'Adi'.

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