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How to Install Alternative Browser on Windows RT Devices (+Benchmark and Run EXE Programs)

In this video I’m Benchmarking my Windows RT Device and How to Install Winrar and also How to install an alternative Browser.



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24 Comments on How to Install Alternative Browser on Windows RT Devices (+Benchmark and Run EXE Programs)

  1. Can we add chrome to surface rt? Can you tell us how?

  2. How I can install Firefox ? Can you help me ?

  3. How exactly did you get Chrome on there? I was unable to do so. Could you make a video showing exact steps in this process. It's be very helpful to me.

  4. Impossible to open x86 launcher
    Can anyone help me ?

  5. Do a screen recording ya dummy

  6. how to install chrome

  7. wow didn't know mario was more then a plumber. he works with computers too

  8. do you understand 8.1RT is on ARM and is NOT x86 or x64?

  9. Show me how I could install Minecraft! xD

  10. Hey!I can't find Relative Benchmark on my Windows store…Please tell me if there is another way to install it!Thx, Jojo!

  11. You fucked with volume

  12. im so confused on how to do this whole thing i have surface rt. can anyone help me ??

  13. The quqzila file is corrupted
    Please correct it

  14. How do you install x86 launcher i keep getting a error

  15. Vales vg en lugar de andar mostrando el benchmark y diciendo mamadas hubieras mostrtado como instalar el emulador x86

  16. I need help with something. I have tried to boot into test mode, and it would just reboot normally. I am using the one from your Google Drive. I do not know why it's doing this. Please help.

  17. Hi, I Need to ask something! First I want to thank you for  doing a great Job, but i cant download anything from the store because it tells me that the "Internet Connection is to slow" wich is not the case because i never had Problems with the Connection.Do you maybe know what Problem it is and how I can solve it ?

  18. Hello, I'm Portuguese I hope you understand the translation: How did you install the browser Que Zilla? I have a Microsoft Surface RT unlocked (Jailbreak) and it does not install. There is no application in the file when I extract the winrar file

  19. tell me how I can install exe files on windows rt

  20. Does WIn86Emu work on 8.1 ? I've heard that it only worked on RT 8.0

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