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How to Install and Configure Git and GitHub on Windows

Basic Git command List –

Set Up Git:
git config –global “Your Name”
git config –global “”

other commands
git clone (url)
git add (file names)
git commit -m “(committed message)
git push -u origin master
git remote add origin master (url)

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  3. Thank you so much realy helpful

  4. Its really Helpful, saved lot of my time to search each piece of the content. Its clear and straight the points Good work. Thanks a lot

  5. thanks a lot…u made my day bro.. subscribed.. liked 🙂

  6. Thanks a lot for this easy tutorial. Before i thought its not my cup of tea. Now after successfully creating my repository i'm feeling very happy

  7. Thank you it was a good one.

  8. A great effort. Precise , concise and thorough.
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  9. You just won a fan with this clear, detailed and yet concise tutorial.
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  10. while cloning… I am getting an error as " SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate" … HOw to go further?

  11. Thank you great video

  12. Helpful though I could've used a brief explanation on what exactly a "push" and "commit" do. What's the logical difference.

  13. Thank you. It is really helpfull.

  14. what's the difference if w just upload our files from the website itself?

  15. how to add or commit multiple files

  16. I'm having some problems after installing git bash on Windows 10 and choosing option “Use Git and optional Unix tools from the Windows Command Prompt”. It mess up the PATH I guess. Now I can't save for example in Brackets to the Desktop, also from Ps, Ai. Also now I can't create folder on Desktop from git. Can someone please help me with this, how can I fix this problem ?

  17. Thank you very much sir. Very good tutorial.

  18. Great video, thanks so much. BUT, I got this error:

    ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused

    Where did I go wrong?

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