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How to install CodeBlocks 13.12 with Compilers ( GCC , G++ , GDB … )

Best C++ Complier : How to Install Code:Block in Windows 8, Windows
c++ – Setting up MingW and Code::Blocks in Windows 8 64
c++ – Setting up MingW and Code::Blocks in Windows 8 64
c++ – Setting up MingW and Code::Blocks in Windows 8 64
c++ – Setting up MingW and Code::Blocks in Windows 8 64

41 Comments on How to install CodeBlocks 13.12 with Compilers ( GCC , G++ , GDB … )

  1. I got an error saying"couldn't create project directory

  2. thank god they inserted a 2x speed on videos

    good job anyway ^_^

  3. amazing !!!! well its work good thanks for guidence

  4. Hey I am having a problem "can't find executable path in gcc compiler

  5. Thank you for the video. I was doing an online course on C and the course just glossed over how to install code blocks with a compiler. Spent an hour trying to figure out how to do it before I stumbled onto your video. Managed to solve my issue. 🙂

  6. whoops, i downloaded the version without the compiler

  7. i have a problem…after installation there is no compiler ….

  8. Thanks ..first time when I downloaded it was downloaded without compiler..

  9. Its showing could not open the file main cpp????

  10. Can this be downloaded and installed in Windows 8.1?

  11. Fake.. you must select PATH

  12. thanks bro u saved my life now i only have to pass the exam

  13. Thank You. Helped a lot.

  14. Thank You. Helped a lot.

  15. it is not correcting and i will never install this again.codeblocks sucks

  16. Thanks.
    The explanation is very neat.

  17. How long will it take to compile the first program?

  18. i install code blocks mingw file but when i run it it shows environment error
    gcc compiler not found

  19. No problem.Go to Settings.Then to tools . And then select compilers.Click the reset button and ok. Tadaa it is done 🙂

  20. sir create a login form with goto function

  21. "Aaand the first link you're gaonna find will be "www.codeblock. ORGY" " hahahahah

  22. compiler not working

  23. Thank you, good codeblock download tutorial

  24. hello frnd my win 7 x64 in code block compiler is not work on my pc
    so please help me

  25. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Well done! You just instructed in 5 minutes what took my professor over 30 minutes…and he never got the download completed. Thank you!

  27. Please help it just keeps saying this message: The compiler's setup (GNU GCC Compiler) is invalid, so Code::Blocks cannot find/run the compiler.
    Probably the toolchain path within the compiler options is not setup correctly?! (Do you have a compiler installed?)
    Goto "Settings->Compiler…>Global compiler settings>GNU GCC Compiler->Toolchain executables" and fix the compiler's setup.
    Nothing to be done (all items are up-to-date).

  28. Thank you, works even two years later!

  29. I made a mistake by cancelling the management… now I can't get it at default way to write my code… what should I do to get its original form?

  30. hey bro good tutorial , but when i write my program and then comp/run it my output window appear at the bottom right corner so i have to drag and drop it to the center so i can enter my data-—–> i was wondering that is there any way to make the center is the default output window position<—————— that is all
    NOTE :
    I runnig with ubuntu 16.04 LTS
    and code blocks version 13.12 that i install it from ubuntu software center

  31. your video is very informative for complete beginners for any one wondering why your nothing comes up you need to set folder to create project in other wise you it may not work .I made this mistake LOL

  32. thanks for guidance

  33. nothing comes up when i run my program and the console pops up, i dont see the hello world message.

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