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How to install Java JDK on Windows 8 / Windows 8.1

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34 Comments on How to install Java JDK on Windows 8 / Windows 8.1

  1. nice video.
    android app development:

  2. works perfectly on Windows 10 also. thank you

  3. it works. thank you!

  4. Thank you for making this video

  5. i have windows 8.1 the eclipse doesnt work corectly in my system can you help me pliz

  6. Sir I follow your step but during downloading there is problem this alert (⚠ this type of file can harm your computer) ..I have window 8.1 ..

  7. Take a drink of water everytime he says java

  8. which JDK is more appropriate for netbeans 6.5.1

  9. really a good and proper working…!

  10. Whenever I install JDK, it stops loading and the Java setup- Destination Folder doesn't pop-up. what should I do?

  11. I was totally confused how to install java but now after watching this video i could install java and run programs. thank you very much sir

  12. i have followed the video and did everything that video showed but at the end when i tried javac in my command promt its still not recognizing that command.i restarted the command promt but it did not help..!


  14. For those who can't search for "System" go to settings and go to PC Info.You're Welcome.

  15. That was a hell of a ride to make it work for Windows 10.

    Sike they were the same same steps but you had to add a variable with (for my computer) C:Program FilesJavajdk8bin in it.

  16. still its getting not reconized in command promt please tell me how to resolve it

  17. Please I need help I need to install java in my computer because it is the base of eclipse and cloudanalyst , I installed (jdk-8u121-windows-x64) correctly because in cmd I check and there isn’t any problem and my program work also correctly, but after I import my program to eclipse I press ok in a step which cause an error to appear under console (Not enough arguments. Usage: java Base64 -e|-d inputfile outputfile) please what I must do, I delete both cloudanalyst and eclipse and reinstalled them but the error still appear , do I have to reinstall JAVA, and if I must reinstall it I have to remove it from my program in control penal , and if I must to do so , there are four files of java( java7 update 13, , java 7 update 13(64 bit) , java 8 update 121(64 bit) ,java SE Development Kit 8 update 121(64 bit) )which ones I have to remove?

  18. thanks for this u really helped!

  19. Omg thank you so much it worked successfully! Thank you! 😀

  20. subscribed :)) thanks alot

  21. use javac -version
    to check whether Java is installed.
    it actually shows version of Java ( if any installed)

  22. how i can program ping,tracrout in java ????

  23. Ok, so, I'm trying to play Sinking Simulator 2, javac works great! But what do I use to run .jar files?

  24. but can we use java after this ??

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