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How to Install Mininet in Windows 7 — SDN Tutorials

This video will guide you about the installation procedure of Mininet – A network emulation tool

13 Comments on How to Install Mininet in Windows 7 — SDN Tutorials

  1. Good afternoon, Asad. First of all, thanks for the tutorial. Very helpful and informative. I'm new to this kind of network configuration and having trouble during the procedure you are doing at exactly 11:01 of the video. When I type: sudo dhclient eth1 either nothing happens at all i.e. it looks like it keeps processing in loop cause the line waiting for the next command (i.e. mininet@mininet-um:~$) doesn't appear at all OR after 2 or 3 minutes waiting sometimes the message: [401.577152] e1000 000:00:03.0 eth1. In either case, if I type the ifconfig -a, the innet adress doesn't appear ( at your example).

    Tried redoing everything checking every single step during the video rewatching over and over and can't find the issue. Putty is at the right folder, Xming is running, everything seems just fine, but I can't find the reason why it isn't working. If you have some advice it would help me a lot.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. 'Network Error: Connection Timed out'. Try ssh to the other Eth interface

  3. I followed the whole video, while putty connection, It is showing 'Network Error: Connection Timed out'. Please guide me how to resolve it.

  4. thank you for the video ! How can I install Opendaylight helium on windows7 ?

  5. You are a Lion!

  6. hello mate… can u help me out with a problem… i need to implement a custom client server communication in mininet.. how can i do this ??

  7. Thank you soooo much boosss =D

  8. thank you so much. Its been easy to install with you help. 

  9. I am using the password "mininet " but it is not accepted.

  10. hi, a very good explanation and very useful for initial installation and setup.
    I am facing issue when i am doing ssh with putty. Can u please tell me what is the password for putty after it connects to Mininet? I am doing it first time.

  11. Very helpful video

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