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How to Install Python PIP on Windows 8 / Windows 10

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49 Comments on How to Install Python PIP on Windows 8 / Windows 10

  1. Огромное спасибо

  2. Thanks !! it's work for me 😀

  3. For those having problems: "pip install requests" did NOT work for me. This is the command that DID work: "py -m pip install requests"

  4. after saving it as desktop file..there is no option for run.What to do?

  5. It tells me my computer cannot run this app =/

  6. Thanks man, that was really great help

  7. 'pip' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

  8. I have literally been searching for tutorials on PIP and none of them works
    What the fuck..

  9. Someone give me a pip3 download link, thx

  10. i am with a problem on the command prompt , the computer is not recognizing pip as a internal or external command , neither as a program or file , can someone help me?

  11. Incomplete tutorial. If you want to help, help properly, please. Don't just waste our time.

  12. tq br0..guys if you have any problems with this try this on cmd prompt pip install xlwt(no need any documents directly installs pip tq)

  13. As you have given the eg of installing request. Do i need to type in the same manner to install PyQt package ?

  14. u just saved my life thansk a lot bro

  15. pip not worked. But py -m pip worked

  16. 1:41.

    On my PC, it says it opens with Notepad for some strange reason.

  17. Why do I get a Permission denied Error when i try to upgrade pip from cmd?

  18. Thank you very much, it helps me a lot !

  19. Hello guy, I'm trying to follow your video but pip is not recognized. what should I do?

  20. Very Helpful, Thank you

  21. you helped me a lot sir. thank you for that!!!

  22. thank you so much

  23. ัyou saved my life

  24. Thanks for the video…it was very helpful!

  25. Not required at all-

    You can add the path of PIP script in your Window’s Environment Variables to get it work-
    Please refer to video link for detailed steps- How to install or configure pip for python? (

  26. thanks very mach .. this video helps me a lot جزاك الله ألف خير و هداك يارب

  27. You should also mention that we need to setup path to pip as our environment variable in PC otherwise the command 'pip' will not work in cmd/terminal.

  28. worked great thanks

  29. Thank you so much for this video. Without it, I would have struggled. Very kind of you.

  30. console close in a second

  31. If it doesn't recognize py or python as an internal or external command: – and try both py and python afterwards

  32. Hello, pip is installed but when i write "pip", this command no exist, why?
    And what's py -m pip ? this is ok. Normal i use py and no python ? thx

  33. Thank you very much man. I really needed to install pip and I was so confused ! I dont know what I would without you dude! Liked!

  34. For everyone that has problems with installing pip etc, i found a solution

    1# unistall your current pyton (trust me)
    2# download it again
    3# instead of the normal setup, chose the cutsom install
    4# sellect the pip option
    5#chose your path
    6# done

    the installer installs pip for u

  35. I just went into my powershell and installed via "python -m pip install" Thank you for the video though.

  36. minee won't work it shows bunch of red stuff after a bit then it closes really fast not letting me reead the red stuff pls help

  37. Yeah, its saying pip is not a command.

  38. show is no recognized…
    im still trying with solution in the comment..
    start from add folder C/phyton27/script or add path in control panel but still fail
    try to much for instal this pip,,
    sad !!!
    any solution again for me?

  39. When I tried to run from the console, it said: Requirement already up-to-date: pip in c:usersuserappdatalocalprogramspythonpython36-32libsite-packages
    And the console doesn't recognize the word "pip".

  40. pip -m pip done but pip install requests doesnt work at all not recognized etc

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