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How to Install/Run Android on a Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet

This is how to install/run Android on a Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet. It’s a pretty involved process, but isn’t too difficult. To do this, you’ll need a Micro USB to USB adapter, 2 USB flash drives (one needs to be at least 4 GB, the other at least 1 GB), a USB hub, and a USB keyboard and mouse. To make the Linux USB drive, you’ll need a Mac or Linux machine, however it may work using Win32DiskImager on Windows. Android seems to run perfectly fine on this device, the only issues are that sleep…

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23 Comments on How to Install/Run Android on a Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet

  1. @dosdude1 the link no longer works, could you send me the files, I really would like it as I have this tablet!

  2. hey there or anyone help me, please send a backup clone of efi partition containing boot files 100mb . I accidently deleted it and now my dell venue 8pro is not working. internal hdd not found but it is seen in bios settings . semd the boot volume efi partition @ thanks

  3. Can you update the link? it redirects somewhere else. I want to install an Android image on the Venue 8, which has win 10 installed,
    and I already formatted a MicroSD card with the appropriate image. All the directions say to "go do x on the bios screen" but the bios screen doesn't give me the appropriate options…

  4. Please update the link

  5. It updates to windows 10 also

  6. can we use Windows instead of Mac

  7. With this set up you didnt display much of how this functions and i'm kind of new but am really interested in doing this. Once Android is set up does it have all the fucntions of the android and windows, or do you have to switch back and forth between partitions?

  8. where is the link for the files that need to be put on the 2nd USB-Drive? grub32.efi grub.cfg system.tar.gz base.tar.gz

  9. you can try to Remix OS?

  10. where can i find the file included in the description for the second usb flash drive ?

  11. can i do that on Dell Venue 10 Pro 5055?

  12. Hi, will this install on Dell venue 8 pro 3845 also has the issue with wifi and sleep mode been resolved in the updates for fedlet 08/11 release?

  13. 101 downvotes. Why would you mirror guys' work when he explicitly stated you ask permission?

  14. Anyone else had a black blank backlit screen after it 'found androidx86'? Anyone fix the problem?

  15. Would this method work to install Marshmallow on a Nextbook Ares 8?

  16. Hello, where can i get config for GRUB?

  17. The wifi won't even turn on for me. The wifi switch in settings slides over and stays over, but never actually turns on.

  18. You can use UUI (Universal USB Installer) to prepare the USB With the Android Image.

  19. fedlet link not working

  20. does this method only work with dell venue 8 pro? or can it also work with the dell venue 8 3830?

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