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How to Install SQL Server 2012 Express and SQL Server Management Studio 2012 Express

SQL Server Express is ideal for developing and powering desktop, web and small server applications.
In this videos tutorial you will learn how to install SQL Server 2012 Express and SQL Server Management Studio 2012 Express on Windows Server 2012

Download :

Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Express

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 2 Express

42 Comments on How to Install SQL Server 2012 Express and SQL Server Management Studio 2012 Express

  1. what should i do this showing error

  2. For those who want to install SQL Server Management Studio 17.6 should look here:

  3. TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 Setup

    The following error has occurred:

    Upgrade Failed due to the following Error.The error code is :-2147467259.Message:Unspecified error


  5. good explanation????????

  6. when I try to open management studio from start it gives error message "cannot find one or more components. please reinstall application". But it works when I open from run… what's problem with the start please

  7. you save my Time
    i spend more than 2 week for installation of sql server + visual studio
    but i have alot of error
    i watched a lot of videos but not found correct result
    This is very good and accurate method to install sql server 2012 + management studio Thnxxx Dude

  8. You saved My time 🙂

  9. im unable to select the shared features

  10. svp comment installer visual studio 2010

  11. Man, why you gave so much explanation? You just had to show how to install! I don't believe I had to watch your 17:26 mins video!

  12. top secret password.. haha.. Thank you.. Very clearly explained all the steps 🙂 ..

  13. how can i get the name of (Login) if i forget it ?! thanks in advance.

  14. Great tutorial
    Thank you very much

  15. Thank you sooo much….buddy… it helped me a lot….

  16. Great job.I loved this tutorial

  17. I have a problem please help me.

    TITLE: SQL Server 2012 Setup


    SQL Server Setup has encountered the following error:

    SQL Server Setup was not able to download the product updates. Click Retry to download again, click Ignore to skip downloading, or click Cancel to exit Setup. Failed to copy the contents of update 'Baseline: 11.1.3000.0; Version: 11.1.3128.0; UpdateType: CU; CPU: x64; Language: 0000; Type: Setup; UpdateName: SQL Server 2012 SP1 GDR Setup Update' to a specified path 'C:UsersmmsiasonAppDataLocalTempSQL Server 2012DownloadSetupSetupOnly'. Error: Exception from HRESULT: 0x80246012

    Error code 0x851A0005.

    For help, click:







  18. useful even though the language is not clear but the procedure of steps is well understood..thumbs up for this..

  19. I got the message the specified could not found and fail please help me?

  20. deep explanation great

  21. thankew so much sir!! it was helpful

  22. Nothing against you, but you talk very funny, something like the indian chip and dale. Thanks for the video!

  23. please Help me in below case,
    while installing the sql server ,after extracting the files its says that ,The requested Url requires elevation.

  24. sachin samy sir, i not instaling,beacause the sql management server r error is giving ,,plz give reply sir

  25. Thanks for this tutorial

  26. This server configuration tab on the left not coming for me. I installed the version today only
    can you please tell me

  27. i got the NetFx3 error

  28. Hi , i have an problem
    Both 1. Data base engine services and 2. SQL server replication were failed at final stage of installation , what should i do ?

  29. nice installation guide….very helpful…

  30. You have helped me a lot Sachin. May God bless you.

  31. Thank you so much 🙂 it worked for me.

  32. sql server agent is not available in this. can you plese help me in how to add sql server agent to ssms

  33. Bro…. Thanks For this Video i not able yo understand why 86 people not like this video i think they don't have brain otherwise it's help full for me and many people i like this video pls create more video thanks bro… again

  34. Thank you so much, helped a lot 🙂

  35. I Liked your directions!

  36. i have successfully completed my installation..but i forgot my username i know the possword….what can i do now

  37. server name is not showing

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