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How to Install Turbo C/C++ in Windows 7/8/10

Video showing steps involved in Installing turbo c/c++. This Turbo c/c++ installation compatible for windows 7,windows 8 and windows 10.

This video is a step by step installation procedure for installing turbo c in windows 7/8/10/XP for both 32 bit and 64 bit.Using these steps you can install turbo C within 5 minute.

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22 Comments on How to Install Turbo C/C++ in Windows 7/8/10

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  2. man it doesn't work

  3. When i open turbo it just seen bin welcom just this what i can do

  4. sir now i try to install this bit dossbox miss another files are only in bin and source folder

  5. DISK FULL NOT SPACE TO SWAP error comes on output display in windows 10

  6. sir c++ ka use kha sab se jyada hota h kis chizz ke liy iske sab se jyada use hota h

  7. Come on. Turbo C++ in 2018? A compiler designed for 286 computers from the 90's? Really?

  8. What is the link for download

  9. thank u nice its working…………

  10. sir i was successfully installed the software but it shows the output of previous along with the current output

  11. can i copy another program to this software?

  12. hey it is not working

  13. Two numbers addition programme not give Wright ans

  14. Thanks for downloading suggestions

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