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40 Comments on How to Install Visual Basic 6.0 on Windows 7/8/8.1/10

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  2. Thank You Matthew Marcelo for your video and I have successfully downloaded the Visual basic 6.0 Enterprise Edition and I have Successfully installed the Visual basic 6.0 Enterprise Edition in my computer and again I thank you.

  3. What can i do webpage error

  4. Thank u so much , I can't believe. That was great .. thank u again

  5. the link is down now sad

  6. Thank you Mathew..VB installation complete..

  7. THIS VIDEO DEFINITELY DESERVES A ROUND OF APPLAUSE! SUPERB. I am able to have both VB6 and Visual Studio 2017. I had the VS2017 first but I find it hard to adapt to it yet, so I had to go back mastering VB6 first. This video, helped me a lot!! LIKE REALLY A LOT! KUDOS!

  8. Thenx Bro It Help Me A Lot

  9. " MSVBVM60.DLL could not be registered " what should I do?

  10. THANKYOU VERY much Brother

  11. Such A Awesome Video
    Thanku i Download Successfully ❤❤❤

  12. thanku you so much sir . i m so happy finally i install this 🙂

  13. Thank u so much bro…now i use vb all credits to u

  14. Thank youu so much bro I fucking love you!!

  15. can i use this method on win 10 64bit ?

  16. (Update, see below) Thanks for the info, I have a purchased copy of the Professional Edition so my setup is a bit different. I applaud the "Community" version that you provided a link to, but since my creations will end up at customer's sites, I purchased a used copy. 🙂

    I changed up your install choices and selected the "Professional Tools" and "Tools", no problems. I copied the contents of both MSDN CDs to one folder and installed MSDN from there. The only hiccup was that the installer couldn't remove "vssetup.ttf". Just hit ignore at this point and you can delete it later (or not at all, your choice).

    I also installed "Service Pack 3". No problems with that either.


    Once installed, I kept getting: “Object library not registered” errors and the source code would not load properly. So the first thing I did was to add pretty much all of the features available in the VB6 installation. While it installed just fine, it did not fix anything.

    I found the solution here:

    "The problem has been resolved by running the following in elevated command prompt:

    cd C:WindowsSysWOW64

    regtlib msdatsrc.tlb

    This also helped with other older .ocx files, like Graph32.ocx and Threed32.ocx"

    Now the project loads and runs. 🙂 Hope this helps!

    Thanks again!


  18. its not responding

  19. does this work on intel celeron??

  20. Subbed & Thumbs upset
    Thanks bro you saved my time !

  21. is this the same as visual c++ 6.0?

  22. thank you pro you help me so much(:

  23. Thank you and God bless

  24. I am stuck in the process where it requires Microsoft enterprise edition.What should I do?

  25. A Virus

    A Virus That is Not Even a Virus.

  26. thanks a lot bro <3

  27. Thank you much, it worked perfectly on windows 10, regards from Syria!

  28. Thanks so much bro. It really helped me a lotttttt. Thanks. ????

  29. Thanks very much !


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  32. Thank u so much. It installed on my windows 10 pro laptop. Very very helpful my friend

  33. Can't thank you enough

  34. Thanks a lot. I got my VB 6.0 installed

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