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How to Install Windows 8 on Mac – Parallels 9 Tutorial

How to Install Windows 8 on Mac
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In this video I will be showing you how to install Windows 8 on your Mac. So this method of installing Windows 8 on your Mac requires two programs: the first being Parallels. And both links to these programs will be in the description below. So right in the description below you can click links to these programs where you can get these….

17 Comments on How to Install Windows 8 on Mac – Parallels 9 Tutorial

  1. Nice presentation. Very easy and step by step tutorial. I will try it on my mac soon.

  2. hi there will this work on MBP early 2015?

  3. Do you need a virus protection on your windows 8 on parallel like you would on bootcamp?

  4. Hey I have the windows 8 install and parallels but when I go to install it I dont see the option to set it up like Windows vs. a mac?

  5. 2 Questions: Does it work on a mac computer too instead of a laptop? Can it play windows games on steam when i got it set up on mac?

  6. its like paying extra(80dollar) on an extra expensive(average computer + 400 euro) for a program that is way worse than the original operating system. Wow sounds fun

  7. i got the win  8.1 but i dont know how to install to my mac ? can you help me

  8. Andy, Is it possible to set up duel monitors so as to run OS X on one monitor and Windows 8.1 on another after installing Win 8.1 on a Mac with OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) via Parallels 10 for Mac. Thx Frank

  9. Does Windows 8 run better than 7 using Parallels on a Mac?  I have used both and prefer Windows 7 plus its $75 less. I read an earlier post about "infection" while in Windows, do I need a separate anti virus like malware-bytes pro while using Windows?

  10. Thanks for the video.  I think i messed up.  I clicked on Windows preview, instead of windows 8.1 pro. How do I go back? 

  11. i forgot how add or take memory off from the virtual windows 8??? i added to much and now i want to take some off

  12. What happens if windows gets infected, dumbass. Just use bootcamp to partition the drive. 

  13. Cool thanks for the help

  14. One last question andy is vmrfusion better than this or is this the best one you can find in the market no matter what the cost is….!

    Is there anything better than this…?

  15. Andy, will the windows 8 be like an app…. After the installation.and , can i run my os 10.1.1 too side by side?

  16. Want the best of both worlds? Here's how to install Windows 8 (or 8.1) on your #Mac using Parallels!

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