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How to Instantly Charge your Phone

➤NOTE – This video is a joke, but I have switched to only making REAL tech videos, see some here ▶
Here’s how to charge your phone very quickly, almost instantly. It’s easy and requires things you already have in your house.

42 Comments on How to Instantly Charge your Phone

  1. Um im stuck in dark alley now please fix this

  2. Nope it did not work, I tried coupe of different cords.

  3. Hi ThioJoe, I really enjoy watching your videos! You get great ideas and comments too! You should get a patent for inventing a case like that to put on phones for quick charge and become couple of mils reacher!

  4. Bull, who walks around with these attributen .

  5. My dad showed me this and did it on his phone

    His reaction was timeless when he realized it didn't worked

  6. Thank you so much . My Android phone turned to iPhone 10 .

  7. Are any of your video s real

  8. Awesome info…. Love your vids

  9. Thanks for stealing my brain cells

  10. do u plug the charger on a current?

  11. it does not work at all

  12. Hello, you are not subscribed to my channel .. Useful information

  13. there are articles linking to this video clickbaiting that it works

  14. That video is a joke? Why would you make a joke video?! To get bashed??

  15. xD I can't imagine people trying this.

  16. I tried this on my iPhone and it blew up

  17. That poor phone looks like a burtito wrapped in tinfoil

  18. It works faster if you put it in the microwave.

  19. Can your phone take Damage of it??

  20. This is the best life hack I've ever found on YouTube!
    Thanks a lot, man.

  21. need a permanent subscriber
    subcribe my channel and like my video
    i ill subscribe back within seconds????

  22. It did not work with my htc phone.

  23. before watching this video READ THE DESCRIPTION !!!

  24. This it the biggest joke channle I have ever seen ????????????????????

  25. Is this whole channel fake ?? Why ?

  26. You have fake subs thiojoe

  27. This is another one of your shit video you fucking twat

  28. Nice video it worked for me

  29. Not working I wasted my time

  30. This did not work on my blackberry motion in February 2018. I let it sit for 3 mins and battery went from 37 to 40 pct

  31. are your zits as phony as your tits, i meant tips?

  32. its really super awsome dude

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  34. your a piece of shit, I spend all this time on my pc thinking I can expand my memory and its a fraud video..freaking idiot. Next dumbass lieing video, WRITE..I AM A JOKE IN RED SO WE CAN FUCKING SEE WE ARE WAISTING OUR TIME WATCHING YOUR this video is a joke kinda thing is that todo to people.

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