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How To Jailbreak (Unlock) Any Nokia Lumia Phones | Step By Step Tutorial – Really Easy!

This is a complete step by step tutorials on How To Jailbreak (Unlock) Any Nokia Lumia (WP 8/8.1)) without Microsoft developers account and it perfectly work with both 8 and 8.1 Devices actually .

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20 Comments on How To Jailbreak (Unlock) Any Nokia Lumia Phones | Step By Step Tutorial – Really Easy!

  1. knocked down the twin towers

  2. u a fucking scammer

  3. learn how to talk u dumb bitch

  4. can some one help me with the nokia lumia 521 simlock
    IMEI; 352363064361153  carrier: T-Mobile USA

    Pls help the phone is becoming useless without wifi connection

  5. Does this unlocks simlock?

  6. dude if you are going to put download links up for download you need to fixed the links bro

  7. if I click on the locker it dosen't do anything 🙂 why?

  8. RM-1078 Under mobile operator it says 000-US


  10. fuck spac it doesn't even work says archive not found u paki

  11. Reinstall with driver…but blue button not working…

  12. Blue button not working….

  13. It not work on my 930??why???

  14. That intro is boss what is it called

  15. why it doesn't work … they say " Unable to open archive file " !!! pleez help me guys

  16. When I try to connect phone to Chinese software it shows me error "Unable to open archive", please help!!

  17. can this unlock nokia lumia 521 t mobile. need need answers guys. help please

  18. i can't do it on lumia 530
    my phine dosen't appear

  19. Dude your links suck, not only there is tons of adds but i gota go through soooooo many links, and eventuality my Mozilla froze…

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