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How to Log On To Windows 7 If You Forgot Your Password WITHOUT ANY SOFTWARE!!!

Windows 7 training video on how to reset any user’s password without any software.

Change Windows Logon Screen:
Windows Bitlocker Drive Encryption:

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32 Comments on How to Log On To Windows 7 If You Forgot Your Password WITHOUT ANY SOFTWARE!!!

  1. Kirt. Thank u sooo much. I've been trying for months to log into my laptop. I tried the other video methods –>Sys 32–>SETHC,etc…and no results. Utilman got the job done. I'm a happy camper now. Thanks again!!!! 🙂

  2. This is AMAZING!!! thank you SO much!

  3. I don't get that prompt/link at 4:09. Instead I can view repair log but no link. Instead it finishes and takes me back to square root 1

  4. I'm not getting that option

  5. it worked great but i was wondering if instead of coping, pasting, and renaming the cmd file, would it work just as well if you just renamed the cmd file.

  6. No startup repair option :/

  7. +rep ???? it worked perfectly

  8. OMG you are a life saver. Thanks for this video for resetting admin password. I am able to get back on my laptop now.

  9. Every time i tried my computer shows another four things except the recommended one you enter. What to do

  10. I can log in with my PW. But how do I remove my PW altogether? I'm admin.

  11. I am following what you have said so far but I don't have the screen that looks like this 4:09, mine only says click here for diagnostic and repair details in the lower left corner. Up at the top of the screen page it says restart your computer to complete the repairs. How do I get the screen you are on? Try doing the steps over again?

  12. During the safe repair mode , my mouse cursor goes missing which is why i can't open that txt link , i can reach till that link by keyboard and arrows keys but can't open notepad , Please help….

  13. Thanks man, its really worked

  14. I am so grateful thank you so much God bless!!!

  15. Thank you! This helped so much

  16. 3:50 i do not get view problem details it just automatically restarts my pc any ideas anyone please. I am on a Lenovo pc with windows 7 intimate

  17. My dude you have just saved me from having to tell my mom that bejeweled is gone forever. You have my thanks.

  18. My keyboard stop to work so I can't use it. Its working only in the bot up process. But after its in the windows system nothing. Why?

  19. Thank uuuu????????????????????

  20. This worked for me. Amazing. I truly cannot believe it. I had given up all hope. You deserve a medal.

  21. Thanks! It worked

  22. Fantastic! Worked perfectly. My account was as user. With it I was able to erase the Administrator account password and have complete control of device. Excelent work man!!!

  23. thanq so much mann really it worked like a magic thanq so much man

  24. Kirt… I am almost there except my language is now in turkish and doesn't recognize the the language. Very frustrating. Is there a way to change to language with command prompt. I tried other options on line and of course language is in turskish so it does not go through command.


  26. the system asks for a install disk

  27. Thank you very much u are u good IT man


  29. man you are awesome.. saved me so much time and data recovery… and you sound amazing too

  30. Thanks a lot Kirk!!! Was able to check emails of my husband accnt.
    Questions are: after I put utilman back to normal.
    should I delete the utilman that was copied from cmd and renamed it to utilman?

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