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How To Make a Matchbox Rocket Launching Kit

How to make rockets that shoot over 40 feet, with aluminum foil and a match.

Some quick links to a few of the materials I used:

[✓] Safety Matches:
[✓] Aluminum Foil:
[✓] Tea Light Candles:
[✓] Bamboo Skewers:

Because of the popularity of this project, I’ve put together a detailed 28 page PDF ( with step-by-step instructions, Fun Facts, Helpful Hints, and…

46 Comments on How To Make a Matchbox Rocket Launching Kit

  1. Wow. After watching this I had this desire to invite some friends over for a match rocket party.

  2. Egal was er gemacht hat bevor er starb, er machte es richtig und ultimativ! Vlt liest das ja jemand der deutsch kann…

  3. I love it thanks so much for sharing

  4. These YouTube recommendations are going to make me cry

  5. Just made then they were super fun.

  6. We did this whit scouting

  7. Thats like a bottle rocket

  8. My dad just yelled at me for trying to make this

  9. Great!Time to start attacking my neighbour

  10. Even when hes dead.

    Youtube puts this in my recommended. Thanks guys from youtube????

  11. The first video that I saw on youtube
    Thanks TKOR we will never forget your videos.

  12. Youll shoot your eye out kid.

  13. the true NASA space program

  14. I did this at school and got suspended ☹️☹️

  15. Man, didn’t expect coming here and seeing how u have passed, thank you for making my youth a great time! Hope you live on 🙂 RIP

  16. Does it have to be aluminum foil?

    Or can I use some other non burning oven thing

  17. Thanks for making my childhood I love you

  18. i needed to do this for a highschool physics project and the majority of mine got stuck on the skewer, and when i tried loosening the rocket it not go very far

  19. Yes we are planning WW3 with This

  20. This video is awsome I just wanted to know about the aluminum sheet square one cost and link thanks in advance ????

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  22. My brother is sacred of me now ….. thanks??

  23. Why is this on everyone's recommended?

  24. These projects are from USSR. Soviet kids used to play in playground like thay

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  27. There are Iran's plans

  28. This video made me happy. Thank you

  29. I miss you ????????

  30. can u make bigger rocket? can u create a video that makes rocket big

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