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HOW TO MAKE A RESOURCE PACK! (Minecraft: Tutorial)

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How To Make A Resource Pack in Minecraft

This tutorial will teach you how to create your own. Custom resource pack. For Minecraft. FROM SCRATCH!

Create your own texture style for Minecraft, whether you’re on Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac, or Linux. This tutorial also includes how to make the pack.mcmeta file without a 3rd party download, and a brief exploration in changing block textures…

22 Comments on HOW TO MAKE A RESOURCE PACK! (Minecraft: Tutorial)

  1. BEFORE YOU ASK FOR HELP: You may find the answer in the FAQ's ↓↓↓ HERE ↓↓↓

    Hopefully I can help you out ^_^ To begin, click "Read more"

    1. I have made everything correctly but your pack won't show up in Minecraft?

    This means it hasn't been exported as plain text using an ANSI encoder. This may sound like a lot of gibberish, but essentially make sure it's in Plain Text format first, then if it still doesn't work, you'll need to find another text editing program. I recommend one that is more orientated towards programming such as Notepad++ for Windows. In Notepad++ click Language > N > Normal Text. If you're on Mac, TextEdit should work if you followed the instructions from the video.

    Also make sure you copy the 1.9 version from the description if you're using 1.9+ minecraft.

    If this still doesn't work or is too complicated there's a sneaky easier way to do it (not from scratch though).
    You will simply need to download someone elses' resource pack, open it, and copy their Pack.mcmeta file 😉

    2. I want to get on with making my pack, but I can't get into the .jar file?

    You'll need a program that can open .jar files it's pretty much as simple as that. I can recommend 2 free softwares for this purpose. If you're on Windows try Winrar or 7Zip. If you are on Mac try The Unarchiver. Both should get you inside the .jar file.

    3. I can't do anything right from the start because the files are hidden or blocked?

    If they are hidden, and you are an admin on your computer, you should be able to reveal the files. Just google how to show hidden files on your operating system. If they are blocked however, it's likely youll have to talk to the admin of your computer to allow you sufficient privileges to access those files.

    4. I need a photo editing program but I don't know what to use? You used Affinity Photo, but that costs money!

    There are plenty of free photo editing softwares out there. You just need one that can use transparency. I can personally recommend Gimp. It is very feature rich (Including layering, most photo color controls, etc), works on Mac and Windows, and is totally free. On Windows. theres also Paint.NET, which used to be an old favourite for budget texture pack creators. Also don't take my word, have a look through some texture pack forums to see what many others use. It's likely they may prefer programs that are better for pixel art than the above mentioned.

    5. I just see a bunch of .class or .json files when in the assets folder?

    A few people have mentioned this so I thought it was worth clarifying. You are not in the correct folder. Just rewatch the video. Firstly, if you only see class files, you need to search for "assets" or keep scrolling till you find it, because there are thousands of class files. Secondly, if you are in the assets folder but only see .json files, you have gone into the "blockstates" folder instead of the "textures" folder, which contains the "blocks" folder you're probably looking for. "blockstates" does not contain anything you need to edit.

    6. Ok so I got everything working, but when I try to overlap resource packs with mine, mine takes over completely? Help!

    In the video I simply copied all the minecraft default textures to make it simpler to make your own resource pack. Normally, you wouldn't have all the files and textures already there, so when you try to put your resource pack over another one in Minecraft, all those default textures still remaining unedited will overlap everything else. To fix this simply delete all files in your assets folder that you haven't edited and that are still default. I suggest backing it up first though so I can still reference all the file names and file paths later when adding more textures to your pack.

    7. But what about changing the sky and fog color? Motion blur? 3D items? Grass color? Even animations?!

    I will be making these resource pack videos into a series. Check the description for a playlist on resource packs. If it isn't there yet it means its still coming. To stay up to date and know when I make these videos, subscribe, and turn on phone notifications ????

    8. Eww you use Mac that sucKz!! Im n0t listen to dis vid n0ob!!!11!!!1!!!

    Mate, you need to get out of the house.

    9. My problem is not listed here? How can I make you aware of this so others like me can get a solution?

    Simply reply to this comment with your problem and I will add it when I get a solution 🙂
    Just make sure you've read everything. So far I've gotten a lot of questions and they've all been answered in the above solutions.

    Hope that helps everyone! If you did find it useful, thumbs up! so everyone else can see this first ^_^

  2. I dont have Latin but Im on mac

  3. Where does it show the text encoding for Windows?

  4. what about bedrock edition

  5. "pack" : {

    "pack_format" : 3,

    "description" : "My Resource Pack" 


  6. On Linux it's just ~/.minecraft/

  7. when i load minecraft and open the texture packs its not there 🙁

  8. u sound like MattHDgamer

  9. I'm using a forge version of minecraft 1.8.9, There is a folder of that but there isn't a jar file. Can anyone help me?

  10. this is one of the most helpful videos ive watched. Ive been using this for years

  11. its nice that there's still some tutorials that aren't made by overenthusiastic 13 year olds, thanks for being helpful AND not annoying! 🙂

  12. Hey how I can find first note on Windows 10?

  13. My textures aren't showing up in game

  14. Wow! i'm a kid and i got to do this! This is what I call simple and understandable!

  15. Didn't work, but that's probably because Minecraft updated.

  16. You forgot to save your splash. That's why it didn't show up.

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